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my favorite films (may change with time)
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Just some lines that i really liked, in no particular order
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This is a list of some of my favorite films. There is no specific order to this list, with the exception of number 1. May change with time.
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Just a list of games I would hope became films.
this list will keep getting updated
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Films that had me crying at least once

will update
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seeing as most characters dont seem to appear i´ll simply place them on the description of their games, please be aware this isnt in a specific order, please also be aware that i havent played every game in the world so if your favorite characters arents here, maybe is cause i never played that game
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Thats right, a 2nd entry heres a list of the other 10 films i enjoyed but a lot of others didnt
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Hey guys, here is a list of the 15 most unneeded sequels ive seen, no this isnt a list of the worst sequels, but these films just didnt have to happen, and some shouldnt have.
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Here is a list of horror films ive enjoyed through the last decade, and i choose to appreciate them, for what ever they have to offer, fun, entertainment, social message, gore, scares, etc.
Some films have been left out because i either havent seen them or i didnt enjoy them.
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Say what you want about my taste and whatever these films are listed because i enjoy them and lets face no matter how "bad" movies are if you enjoyed them they are never a waste of time.
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Top 10 TV shows