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It's a ranked list of movies that i've watched. I tried to rank them as best as i could. Feel free to comment, or recommend.
List consist of mainly newer movies, but with a touch of classics.
Please, don't make snide comments. I couldn't have possibly seen every film and liked everything you like..

EDIT: I haven't found 250 yet, but i'll update the list frequently to fill 250.
EDIT 23.8... added another 20 or so movies
26.8. El Angel Exterminador
4.9. Into the Wild, Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie, The Man Who Would Be King
21.9. A Bittersweet Life, El Hijo de la Novia, The GRaduate
5.10. Melancholia, Drive
8.10. Incendies
10.10. 25th Hour
13.10. The Guard
20.10. Beginners, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
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list of rather recent movies..
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honorable mentions:

El Orfanato, Hot Fuzz, District 9, The Prestige, Enemy at the Gates, The Man From Earth, Closer, Sin City, 500 Days of Summer, La meglio gioventu, Stranger than Fiction, Moon
a list of 30 people
Favorite 30 directors. I probably missed someone big, so if you notice, write it in the comments
a list of 20 people
and actreses
in no particular order
a list of 10 people
and actreses
in no particular order, except for Mr. Cage :P
p.s. This means that i don't like their films. I don't have anything personal agaist them.
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a list of 20 titles
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It includes episodes that were aired during 2010