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This is a list of films not in the IMDB top 250 even though they have a rating of 8.1+ and the minimum of 25000 votes required to be considered for the list (or close).

I'm now giving the current True Bayesian Estimate (TBE) to show how far these titles have to go - and that some should already be in. As of Aug 9th 2016, no. 250 is Beauty and the Beast, which has a TBE of 7.92.

I'm now removing titles that have made it into the top 250 to keep this list easy to use.

The full criteria for the IMDB weighted vote are not disclosed to the public, but eliminate most older and Indian films. This list is intended to show that and make users vote more. It's not based on my taste as my own votes display.
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Once again, I got to see around 340 films this year, so I'm making yet another best-off worst off list of 28 titles from around the world.
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I get to see a lot of movies from all over the world (340 in 2014); most best-ofs tend to focus on Anglo films, so this is an attempt to lump ín together a global choice of titles. It's a matter of personal taste, so no superhero blockbusters everybody knows. I've also put in a few no-no's from my point of view.
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a list of Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Transgender-related films from before the 2000s. No other medium allows for a better understanding of the loooong way the LGBT communities have come, so this list hopefully makes for both fun and educational value. I'm only listing films with a recognizable LGBT angle, not exploitative ones or those where it's a matter of interpretation. It's a work in progress, so be sure to come back if you like it.
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list of famous titles from 1920-1960 which for some reason do not figure on the '1001 films you must see before you die' list. It's a very helpful list, and the more obscure selections are an inevitable matter of taste, but one cannot help but wonder what is NOT in there... share the surprises! A second part covering 1961-2000 will follow.