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Frailty (2001)
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This is a must see! A haunting and thought provoking tale - with some excellent acting thrown in the mix!, 14 December 2004

I had to see this gem twice to really appreciate all of it. When a widowed father of two interrupts his two sons' sleep with a shocking revelation, they are torn between believing him and not. As the horrifying events of this tale unfold, we learn a lot about the father, about his two sons, and about their destinies. With shocking twist after shocking twist, this film never allows for a lull in the plot. Bill Paxton plays the father, but the most notable performances are that of his older son, Fenton, played by Matthew O'Leary and his younger son, Adam, played by Jeremy Sumpter. This is one of the best thrillers that I have seen in a while, and you will want to watch this a few times to appreciate every intricate aspect of the plot. I give this film a 9/10.

"Big Brother" (2000/II)
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The highlight of my summer! 3 months of mental gaming and scheming!, 21 September 2004

I first discovered the delights of Big Brother when I tuned into Season 2 of the show. Since then, I have watched each season and I have to say the show just gets better and better!

One of my favorite aspects of any reality show is the scheming, ploting, and alliance making. And Big Brother is nothing but those things! (It's not very physical like Survivor). I love to see people develop friendships and alliances, and plot to evict people. Big Brother, while rather voyeristic with the internet live feeds, always supplies a fresh group of houseguests with someone for everybody to like!

Many people say they are bored by this show, or the concept is stupid. To them I say : don't watch! Big Brother is a fun, and addicting summer tradition, and I hope CBS puts out many more seasons of this reality gem!

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Greatest (and most addicting) TV Talent Show Ever!, 4 May 2004

I have been watching American Idol religiously since the end of Season 1. I really got into the show when Season 2 started, and in the midst of Season 3 I am still hooked. I love the show because amidst all the William Hungs and other bad singers, there are some great singers out there. And every year there seems to be a few awesome ones. Last year : Clay, Ruben, Kimberly L, and Kimberly C. This season we have Fantasia, Jennifer, George, and LaToya. Every season there is one contestant for everyone to love - they are usually all so varied (although this season there are not many male singers). The show has the power to produce big superstars (Kelly and Clay) and whether they last, they're hot right now! I love Simon Cowell - he really is honest and doesn't hold anything back. Someone has to tell these crappy people that they are crappy - and Simon's the guy to do it. American Idol is my favorite show on TV right now, which reminds me - I have to go set my VCR for tonight's show!

Peter Pan (1960) (TV)
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To me, the undisputed champion of Peter Pan films., 4 January 2004

This is truly a magical movie. The singing, the colors, the flying. Mary Martin embodies Peter Pan so gracefully and whimsically that I cannot imagine this character as played by anyone else. I view this Peter Pan as the best and most classic depiction of the boy who never grew up.