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Another masterpiece from Peter Jackson, 20 December 2003

In my opinion, this one was the best of the trilogy. The battle sequences were beautiful, the special effects were beautiful, the acting was great,...

The movie starts with Sméagol killing his own brother, Déagol, who found The Ring in a pond. Sméagol is desperate to get that Ring, and he strangles his brother. And then the story begins. From beginning to end, this movie stays exciting and beautiful. To me, the battle sequence in Minas Tirith is one of the most beautiful scenes ever filmed. Peter Jackson proves again that he is a great director, and the cast prove they are great actors. The Nazgul are really scary, every scene is filmed superbly, in short, this movie is dazzling! 10/10

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I love it, 29 May 2003

It's an exciting, sometimes humorous series about a girl who is called "The Slayer" and has to defeat a lot of demons and vampires. I think it's one of the best series ever, along with The Simpsons, Family Guy and Friends. The action scenes are great, the acting is great and I just love Sarah Michelle Gellar! 10/10

"Friends" (1994)
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Friends Means Fun!, 18 May 2003

I think "Friends" and "The Simpsons" are the best TV shows ever. Every episode has something refreshing and interesting in it. Of all the characters, I like Chandler the most. I just love his sarcasm. The other actors are great too. I know some people think this show is getting worse. If they don't like it, why do they keep watching it? "Friends" is as funny as it has always been, and I hope that I will have the 10 seasons on DVD. A well-deserved 10/10.

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Lame, very lame, 5 March 2003

I've got this movie for my birthday, but I certainly wouldn't have bought it. It's unbelievable how a remake can be this awful. I'm not saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bad director, but I think somebody else would have made a better movie out of it. The jokes are stupid, the acting is extremely bad, the story seems to go nowhere. It's a shame to waste the talent of these actors. I've only seen it once, and after that one time, I had enough of it. So, I'll give it a 1/5.

Adam Sandler's best movie, 4 March 2003

I actually like Adam Sandler. With this movie proves that he is pretty good actor. Happy Gilmore is a nice comedy with a lot of good jokes and rather good acting. I've seen this movie already 10 times (I think) and it keeps amusing me. So, I'm rating it 5/5. Keep up the good work, Adam!

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Batman & Robin was bad, man, 3 March 2003

With such an enormous cast and budget, I've expected more of a movie like this. The special effects were OK, but that was it. The actors seemed to be lost in the story (which was also weak). Batman & Robin was even directed by Joel Schumacher so I thought he would make a big movie of it, but I can't understand why he didn't. This is definitely the worst movie of the Batman-series. 1 out of 5

Red Dragon (2002)
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Exciting Hannibal-movie, 3 March 2003

I think it's better than 'Manhunter' and 'Hannibal'. Red Dragon stays exciting until the end, and that's what I like about a movie. I never expected Brett Ratner to make a movie is good as this, but hey, he did a great job. The music (Danny Elfman) was fantastic and was a good addition to an already exciting movie. The acting performances were also good, especially Anthony Hopkins (Of course) and Ralph Fiennes. I think Ralph Fiennes even deserved an Oscar nomination. Through the movie there was an ominous atmosphere which resulted in the confrontation between Edward Norton and Ralph Fiennes. I actually experienced this scene as one of the most exciting scenes I've ever seen. Nothing but good words about Red Dragon, so I'd give 5 out of 5.

Johan (1921)
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Very good, 2 March 2003

It's a fine little movie about a love story between Johan and Marit. They live together for a while, but when a stranger intervenes, Marit falls in love with him. Johan takes Marit away from the stranger, but when the stranger hears about this, he starts following Johan and Marit. When the stranger finds out where they are, he goes looking for them. He finds Marit, but then Johan hears about this relationship. Johan and the stranger start to fight, and Johan loses. Marit runs off with the stranger, and Johan is left alone. It's a sad story, with very good acting (at least I think it's good) and a beautiful setting (I don't know where the movie was shot, I think it's somewhere in Sweden). Sometimes the acting is truly funny (especially Johan's mother). But overall, it's a nice experience. 5 out of 5.

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Great!, 1 March 2003

This is easily one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The acting is good and the humor is superb. The characters I like most are Donna, Hyde and Red Forman. They are so funny! I like Red Forman because he is insensitive and severe. I sure hope there will be new episodes of this series.

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Even Jar Jar was good, 26 February 2003

I've seen this movie for almost 10 times, and I still love it. Of course, it's not as good as its predecessors. The FX were dazzling, the acting was pretty good and the score (John Williams) was really, really beautiful. The Naboo Starfighters were much more streamlined than the X-Wings, Y-Wings... I learned that Jar Jar was not so popular, but I must admit that that he was very funny. The most famous scene of this movie must be the podracing. The podracing was exciting AND funny, with the struggle between Sebulba and Anakin. Anakin made me actually think of Haley Joel Osment. In short, I think it was a great movie and I can only give it 5/5.

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