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A list of some of the most shocking actors and actress deaths. Most of these deaths we didn't see coming, May they rest in peace.
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A List of what I Feel Are the best Animated films Disney have released. It's In no particular order but in the year order, Also included Pixar films as well I didn't add any of the DisneyToon Studio's film
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Another disney list =p, These are a bunch of my movies i have seen in my childhood, old, new at the time and dtv movies...
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These are a list of movies that whenever i watch these films, I always get that Epic feeling, Such amazement, beauty and great effects ahead of its time (well back then)...
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Disney golden age from 1937-1967 ended tragically when Walt Disney, a pioneer and a visionary died in December of 1966. After his death many other animated films came around and pretty much had an influence on most the animated films from 1968-1974. Unlike Dreamworks and Don Bulth. These animated films were pretty much revolutionary, while Disney was still stuck in time, These Animated films we're taking place during what was going on in the time...

And these are 5 animated films that aren't non-disney and somewhat revolutionary for animated films.
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Some of my favorite Shows From when I Was a kid.
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Somewhat a sequel to my other list...
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These are my favorite movies of all time and movies that have influenced me in some way.