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A Standout for it's Genre., 15 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first heard of Final Destination, I was quite skeptical. I was kinda expecting a teen slasher flick with a phsyco killer, but I realized the killers in this movie could be a mug, a bus, a bathtub and a bottle of vodka!, yes, death itself is the maniac killer of the film!

The movie circles around Alex Browning, a teen going to Paris with his classmates, but he has a premonition of a deadly explosion in mid-air, he decides to get off, forcing six of his peers off. But in their shock, the plane exploded, just like his vision. After the accident, the people who got off soon begin to die in bizarre accidents, convincing Alex and his peers that death itself is after them, reclaiming the souls that avoided their fate.

The film gave me goosebumps and kept me interested throughout. This was, to me, the perfect horror-suspense flick, with an original plot, exciting pace, shocking deaths and believable performances from Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Sean William Scott and Kerr Smith. Although some questions where left unanswered, the film still kept me on the edge of my seat.

So if your looking for suspenseful thrills and inventive deaths, Final Destination is the ticket for you!!!


a pointless sequel!, 28 December 2008

As a fan of the fist film, I was expecting a lot from The Ring Two, especially because it was by the director of the original Ring. To be honest, this movie is just a bunch of random special effects, badly written plot and the most boring dialogue I have ever seen. When I saw the first film, I was sinking into my chair with fear, not even the annoying teens were playing around pranking people on their phones, if you've seen the first film, you'll understand why. Now when I saw the second one, it was just embarrassing, not even Naomi could save this film. Whenever Samara came into the movie, everyone was laughing, seriously. Don't bother watching it, it's just a waste of you're time.


The Ring (2002)
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disturbing, unsettling and downright creepy., 24 December 2008

I first watched this movie with a couple of friends. To be honest, I was expecting a teenage, slasher flick, I was proved wrong.

The film circles around a cursed videotape that causes it's viewers to die in seven days. Investigative journalist, Rachel Keller, begins to uncover the secrets of the videotape, and must race against the clock to save herself.

The movie was very unsettling and disturbing, which worked more effectively than some teens getting slashed with axes. The videotape was nightmarish and disturbing, and the images will stay with you long after the movie. The setting was gloomy and atmospheric, which enhanced the mood. Naomi Watts portrayed Rachel perfectly, her emotions are believable and haunting.

So if you are looking for a horror flick to watch on Friday night, be sure to watch The Ring, just make sure to watch it at night with the lights off.

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I loved this movie!, 18 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't even write of how amazing Bridge to Terabithia is, so I will attempt. Before I saw this film, I never had read the book, so I was actually expecting a corny fantasy flick. I was proved wrong.

The story is about a young artist named Jess living in a financially struggling family, Then comes Leslie, a funky, free spirited new girl who becomes best friends with Jess. Together, they create a magical kingdom in the forest on the other side of the creek, and the only entrance to it is to swing on a rope across the creek.

The movie is very emotional. I don't usually cry at movies or t.v. shows, but in this movie, I cried like a baby. The main themes are dealing with loss, so parents, be wary.

I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't turn out to be a Narnia styled fantasy movie like the previews and trailers made it seem to look like, it would have ruined the whole sensitive story.

The actors did a beautiful job in this movie. Josh Hutcherson did an amazing job, his emotions and reactions to things made the movie more realistic, and when he gave the monologue about him being the reason Leslie died, I just broke down crying. AnnaSophia Robb blew me away as the imaginative and trendy Leslie, she perfectly portrayed her. And I loved her outfits.

Overall, the movie was a pleasant, 'family' movie that everyone will enjoy.

P.S.: bring a box of tissues.


My Girl (1991)
A touching family film, 15 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My Girl tells the story of a precious girl named Vada Sultenfuss living in a funeral house with a neglectful father. Luckily, Thomas J., Vada's only friend, listens to her and they have summer adventures. But soon, things start to fall apart, her long time crush, Mr Bixler is engaged, Her father begins dating Shelly and tragically, Thomas J. passes away. But she manages to deal with her issues and mends her previous ones.

This movie is beautiful on so many levels, themes of loss, self discovery and growing up. Anna Chlumsky is adorable and speaks confidently and maturely, she is just precious. Macaulay Culkin gives his best performance and you may need a box of Cleanex tissues. Dan Aykroyd gives a remarkable performance as a father that ignores his daughter.

Over all, this movie was very enjoyable and touched me and hopefully it will touch anyone who watches it.