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Good Aussie movie, 13 March 2015

Saw this long ago, and the movie has stuck with me, partly for it's feel, and partly for the crazy inventions that I wish I had thought of. Been looking for it for years, and can't find a copy anywhere. One thing about the crazy inventions- they all had to be made to work in the film. Pete makes a machine that folds newspapers into the shape of paper airplanes to chuck them at people's houses to make his paper route more efficient- the giant paper airplanes get flung from the machine itself and really fly. He gets himself run out of town for playing one revenge prank too many on the local constable, destroying the entire squad car fleet, because the constable, years before, accidentally ran down his mother in a crosswalk and crippled her. So he and his sister go on the run to the outback, and, helping her work as a geologist, he decides to make a mechanical horse so they can drill 6 holes into the rock at once instead of just one, and you can see him operating/riding the horse, and you can see they really had to figure out how to build one of these things to make it work. Overall, the whole movie reminded me of similar movies form Down Undah, like Red Dog, where the Aussie vibe really comes through.

Surfwise (2007)
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mandatory viewing for surf rats, 14 December 2008

A pretty excellent viewing experience with some hilarious jaw-dropping moments, especially some of the comments from Doc. (Don't watch this with your kids if you're not comfortable talking about cunnilingus with them.) The movie is a little long, and it never answers the question of how you pay for gas, food, clothing, and campers without a job, but very worth watching. Excellent soundtrack, which I'm having a hard time finding (a little help anyone?). Doc's family philosophy is incredibly compelling, even if fatally flawed. Lots of moving moments, where some characters, I mean PEOPLE, come to some grave realizations about their lives, and you see how one man's whacked ideas can spread and infect the lives of others. The big question is, does Doc see what he hath wrought? You think YOUR family is screwed up...