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Drive (2011/I)
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He is no deNiro and "Drive" is no "Taxi Driver", 30 November 2011

For explanation: I did not read most of the other reviews. But as much as I think Ryan Gosling is an interesting actor I don't think he is comparable with Robert deNiro. Did they set out to make him the new deNiro? And - whilst the film is very watchable (apart from the extreme violence at the end)it is no "Taxi Driver". I think the current rating of 8.2 is not justified by its merits - I would rate it 6 maybe 7. On a more positive note, I think both actors and direction have a lot of potential for more. That is probably the reason why I was disappointed this time. I would definitely look out for future film in this combination. What I liked a lot was the things that were in the gestures and didn't need to be said (even though it was a little bit too deliberate).

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Surprisingly predictable, 3 December 2003

I very much enjoyed this very good and thrilling plot, as most of the films with Kevin Spacey. The delicate issue of the death penalty is being dealt with very sensibly. However, I found the film to be surprisingly predictable.

Equally delightful as "Gregory's Girl" (1981), 1 November 2003

This film instantly reminded me of "Gregory's Girl" from 1981, which is set in Scotland and also deals with a soccer playing teenage girl and her relationships. Both are unusual "real life" uplifting and utterly delightful stories.

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Surprisingly well made Action Adventure, 6 December 2002

This surprisingly well made German two-part mini TV series is a worth while and entertaining action adventure.

During an archeological dig in Israel a student discovers an artefact that doesn't belong in the time period of the find along with clues to a missing piece that might have profound implications on the history as we know it. What follows is a suspenseful hunt by different organisations to find the missing piece and use it for their purposes.

Well scripted, acted and directed with some shortcomings towards the end.