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Braveheart (1995)
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It's a never ending saga, 20 June 2009

"Braveheart" true to its title portrays one of the greatest and bravest heroes, William Wallace who fights for the freedom of Scotland to break away from the tyranny of England under an especially cruel king reigning from the throne of England.

As with every saga and a great story, it's more than that. William Wallace represents a hero one could believe in and bleed for in and out of battlefield. It's the heroic character of William Wallace that captures the audience's imagination and takes one to the whirlwind tour of the display of the sublimity of human spirit.

Never once making Wallace a super hero, the film portrays a human, a commoner one can easily believe in and elevates the love, war, peace, kingdom, friendship, betrayal to their quintessential purities and in a touching way.

Apart from the emotional part of it, the film throws up a few surprises too to a good measure like the war scene in which William cries, "Hold, hold" only to reveal the plot in the last minute to thwart the approaching cavalry. Also, not to mention the best showcasing of the interplay of characters and relationships in the end when Wallace is being 'purified'.

All in all, a superlative story executed to its perfection, never over hyping yet making it one of the grandest epics the films have presented to the world.

Memento (2000)
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Memento - Challenges the notion of certainty, 28 December 2008

I also have frantically started writing. I want to make note of the movie lest I forget it. The movie has ingrained a sense of condition in me as well. Leonard says the memory can change, the color of the car can change. True?? One of the puzzling pieces was the presence of a picture of Lenny bare chested and happy. It doesn't have a caption and he doesn't question why. He is conditioned you see, he is confident. Leonard believes he can lead the life as the police conducts investigation, taking notes, relying on facts. Well, the problem is what are facts? All in all, a puzzling movie and it drives the viewer also into the whirlwind of thinking. It challenges your notions of being, notions of certainty. It's not just a movie, it's more than that. "Memento" is an episode in your life which presses you hard.

Ghajini (2008)
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Ghajini - It's grand, 25 December 2008

Ghajini - the name is catchy. Here is the plot in brief: Aamir Khan as Sanjay runs a successful company 'Air Voice', a mobile connectivity provider. An upcoming actress, lovely Kalpana announces to the world the super influential Sanjay is her boyfriend bending to certain circumstances. Her fortunes change, so do that of Sanjay. Captivated by her kindheartedness and trueness, he indeed becomes her betrothed. Her intuitive helpful nature leads to her murder and the beating Sanjay too receives in the episode to his short term memory loss which renders him incapable of remembering anything beyond 15 minutes. His hunting down of the killer forms the rest of the story.

The making of the love between Sanjay and Kalpana is cute and a delightful watch. Sanjay's coping up with the handicap of fleeting memory by the tattoos all over his body, an ever-accompanying camera, a slew of notes is all mystic and the viewer is readily sucked into his curious ways of life. The hulk-like figure Aamir sports will catch many admiring eyes as well.

"Memento" from which Ghajini borrows, borrows so only in principle. "Memento", which was more about managing the incessant memory loss is converted into a love story and the display of superman like powers of Sanjay, the focus nowhere on the medical condition.

Clearly, far from being a path-breaking film, Ghajini is still a reasonable watch keeping in tune with the Bollywood sensibilities.

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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - An intense emotional drama, 14 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

He is not called the King Khan for nothing. In one of his finest performances, Shah Rukh Khan delivers the best in what he is best at. The intense tumult Surinder Sahni faces as he sees his wife drift away decisively towards Raj, played none other than himself but who is unlike himself, is portrayed with such an aplomb and sensitivity that the viewer even if he is at least a little love-literate would come to shedding tears for the ordinary Soori.

Taani played by Anushka Sharma, a débutante plays endearingly and proves the love Soori is showering on her is not only not wasted but is more than deserving. The ambiguity that she faces as her nature takes her naturally to Raj but her conscience and good self can't let go of Soori either.

The supporting cast, Sardar Mechanic and Bobby played by Vinay Pathak add vigor to their roles and make the party a grand success.

The defining moment probably is, when Raj/Soori is confronted with making a decision on behalf on Taani in choosing himself i.e Soori or a more jovial, cool guy that happens to be Raj. If the love as they often say is exemplified by the fire moth diving into the fire, then Soori enacts that here.

If you have experienced"your love" loving that someone else, then you can celebrate that director has orchestrated exactly such a drama to give life to your ineffable emotions. In the end, it's a happy ending, no one scripting Shakespeare here. At least in movies, if it's not a happy ending then it's not the end of the movie.