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Best show ever, very funny where do I find next shows listed DVD
23 January 2010
I just want to comment on what a burst of comic genius came out of 2004. The Dean Leaner character (shows Director/writer/creator?) went on to have his own talk show called "Man to Man with Dean Leaner" , he plays Moss on the "IT Crowd",played "Dixon Bainbridge" in the Mighty Boosh (Pilot) instead plays now "Saboo".

All of these guys (Julian Barratt) as "Padre" who stars as Howard Moon in "Mighty Boosh" now. They all play on one another's projects now.

I really hope to find out was it "Darkplace" which all gave them a foot in the door with a network. There has to be some big movies due out from these guys. Because in America we have just given up on film. All my horror films now come from Korea or somewhere west of Hawaii. Thank god the U.K. are still putting out something original.

I have a DVD suggestion. If you are living outside of the states check out the DVD of a show called "Sea Lab 2010", "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" just check it out they are as strange and funny.

Good night my Rottweiler is being very passive aggressive with me so now I have to go. "Duke not the look, we agreed never the look" , and now he is pretending too ignore me. This is unbearable,if anyone of you has a 135lbs Rottweiler you know how powerful they can be emotionally."OK Iam turning off the computer, and yes I will get you a cookie" Big baby.

Over and out,



PS I was not joking about the dog.
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Best documentary I have ever seen. Excepting Burden of Dreams
17 October 2009
This film is a great fun. I recommend you watch it yourself and then watch it again with your friends. I did last night and it was fascinating how well Norma Khouri could pull everybody into her world! I did feel a little bit strange watching my friends go through the same roller coaster as I did the first time. But they all thanked me and loved the movie. You know it is a great film if you spend 2 hours after the film talking about the movie!

I once saw a con man almost up toNorma Khouri's level, but no where near the same size ring. He fooledtons of very gullible and rich folks at my old Berkeley CA A.A. group where everyone trusts everyone else. He would "sponsor" only people who seemed very well to do. Who knew he would have stolen in excess of 100k(in 1987 when that was real money) after being in town for only 1 month. His victims were very fragile as they were in their first month or week of being sober. He was evil with a great laugh and a great smile on his face.

The above crime is nothing compared to what Norma Khouri did to her old neighbor. But I don't want to give anything away.

I just found this one night on a late night movie channel,"Showtim" I think. This is always a movie fans greatest experience to be totally tricked into seeing something and having your mind blown. Just drag your friends over to see this and don't tell them a thing. It is a very entertaining film, it moves quickly and never bores you.

This should be a international classic for all time. I believe all great movies eventually rise to the top. Time will be very good to this film. I am just sorry no one has heard of it yet,in some ways that makes the surprises even better.

The director and editor were fantastic. They deserved winning the best documentary.

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I watched this film three times a year in school in Berkeley CA
27 December 2008
For years the Berkeley CA school District must have had a free copy. It was shown from grade 5 1978 (age 10 until age 14)1982. Its raining outside "show them the woman called Mosses", teacher is hung over, "woman called Mosses" again, temp teacher, hey we can watch this movie! That is not the worst, it was a good movie.

But under the Geneva Convention I was tortured. I was forced to learn all the words to "I am woman hear me roar" in third grade. As well as many Dylan songs. People wonder why we hate hippies.

Actually if you have a child it is not a bad movie to show them. Mrs. Tyson is of course great. But a teacher friend of mind says they now have something animated for kids about the underground railroad and animation holds their attention a lot better.
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