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The Exodus Decoded (2006) (TV)
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Brings up interesting ideas, but is far from perfect, 12 December 2008

For anyone who has already made up their minds about the exodus or biblical stories in general this film will probably anger them. As does any film which tries to provide different ideas about events. This occurs in non-biblical related cases as well. Life and the quest for information requires that we keep ourselves open to new interpretations. If we do not we only fail ourselves by missing out on a wealth of information. Having said that....this film is trying to provide a different perspective, or interpretation, than had been shown before. In my opinion, it was successful in doing so. This film was far from perfect, however. They did the one thing that bothers me more than anything else and that is take an absolutist perspective.

There is no way to say definitively that any of this is true. It is merely an idea and someone's attempt to verify it. Much of the information is up for interpretation and is best viewed as such, if for no other reason than to avoid getting yourself worked up because it may not agree with your prior beliefs. I think that the film makes the same mistake that debunker's make in taking the aforementioned absolutist stance. There is a lot of stretching of dates and information in order to make the case that is presented for which I have heard this film bashed. Keep in mind, however, that science does this same thing all the time in order to explain past events or current phenomena. Science strives for precision but is far from precise.

Besides this major concern of mine, I liked that the film was trying to present this event, real or not, in a different manner and that it was using natural phenomena to do so. Believers could attack the use of nature in place of God's work, but that is a choice belief since, according to the Bible, God can work in many different ways.

I thought the presentation was impressive and I liked the way the visuals in the film worked to keep attention and aid in the flow the film is following. Information is only as good as what is retained and the approach taken by the filmmakers does a good job in aiding with this.

I found this film entertaining and it held my interest and will certainly watch it again. Did it make me believe that the exodus happened as they claim or at all? No! One opinion is never enough to prove something and the more radical the idea the more proof is needed, but I do think that this begs more investigation by different people bringing different approaches with them.

I would definitely suggest giving this film a look. You will have to make your own judgment about its accuracy in the end, of course, as I have made my own (not shared herein). I would highly recommend that you keep an open mind when watching it, though, and save your judgments for when the film is over. Judging too fast is your own disservice. Then, of course, do your own research afterward. Films like this, when done well, should invoke an interest and participatory response from its viewers to seek out more information and The Exodus Decoded certainly did that for me.