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100 % on rotten tomatoes for 2 years!, 11 December 2008

Hi, I learned so much about Anita that is not available anywhere else. I disagree with the comment prior to mine. I saw this film at the Tribeca Festival and then again when it opened Aug 08. This film is truly one of the best docs I have ever seen. It is fantastic and opened my eyes and ears to one of this country's national treasures. I have not seen any other footage of Anita before I saw this. I have looked and could not find anything out on her. Except the 30 seconds clips on her web page. This docs shows her in all of her incredible splendor and humor. She is feisty and honest and just plain cool. So Rotten Tomatoes gives her 100% since the Tribeca opening, pretty impressive and finally a film that really matches the critical acclaim.