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Californication: Waiting for the Miracle (2012)
Season 5, Episode 4
One of the best episodes so far
31 January 2012
I know nobody reads a review of a single episode, but if you are doing it right now, i guess that like me, you're quite an enthusiastic when it comes to this show. Might as well ventilate my opinion a bit.

I had to write something about this episode because in my opinion, this one was absolute and utter brilliance. The dinner-scene with all the 'grownups' and Runkles awkward date: just two scenes that form almost an entire episode and yet it was not boring for a second. On the contrary, i haven't got to laugh so much during this show in ages... right up until those last couple of minutes of course. Great job there by Duchovny, McElhona and Zea. Very touching stuff.

Looks like, after a pretty lame start, this season might get back on its feet after all!
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The A-Team (2010)
The A-Team: a very good B-movie
10 June 2010
If you are looking for a light, funny and action packed movie, it doesn't get much better than this. The A-Team is very, very easy too take in, but never boring, has action-scenes that will blow you out of your seat and is stuffed with plenty of damn funny moments.

Also very nice for a change: this action/comedy film doesn't take itself too seriously. Which is quite refreshing if you take a look at all the 'comedy with a message' crap Hollywood produces these days.

The new B.A. (Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson), Murdock (Sharlto Copley), Hannibal (Liam Neeson) and Face (Bradley Cooper) are all great at their roles. Props for Patrick Wilson as the slick C.I.A. agent Lynch and Jessica Biel is lovely as always. Joe Carnahan, who wrote and directed this movie, simply did a great job and gives the audience exactly what it needs.

I'd say it was definitely worth my money.
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L'immortel (2010)
Great ride
16 May 2010
The Immortal tells the story of an older man, Charly Matteï, who claims to have quit the mafia in Marseille, France. He has a family and lives in peace, but is suddenly shot in a serious hit. Charly is shot 22 times but, amazingly, survives. After the hit and recovery, the scarred ex-mafioso is thirsty for a bloody revenge. What follows is an intense, action-packed and bloody thriller.

The story is quite simple and The Immortal definitely has it's flaws, but overall it is an awesome ride. Jean Reno is back on track in this great French production. The Immortal may not be as good as Un Prophet but could definitely become a cult classic like the first Boondock Saints. 7/10
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Robin Hood (2010)
12 May 2010
Ridley Scott's Robin Hood is definitely not as action packed as it is advertised. And to make it clear: it is no Gladiator either. If you want great ancient battles you would be better off watching Troy or Lord of The Rings.

The problem is: this version of Robin Hood doesn't have good dramatic scenes or a great romance in it to compensate the lack of action, which makes it a pretty boring movie to watch at times. It is definitely not a movie about an outlaw who fights against the rich for the poor, like the trailer makes you think. Robin Hood is portrayed as a boring man who simply fights alongside the rich to defend his country.

So where was the passion, the action, the romance, the drama, the blood, like Gladiator could deliver? I guess they got lost in this big budget production. Robin Hood is a mediocre action flick at best. Nothing more nothing less.
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Altiplano (2009)
12 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I went to a preview screening of this movie with a q&a with the director. I will keep it simple. This movie totally blows. The director explained that this movie would be like a dream. He was right. I fell a sleep 4 times during Altiplano.

Altiplano tells the story about a former war photographer and her physician husband who are caught up in a riot when locals in an Andean village vent their unhappiness with contamination from a nearby mine.

There are some pretty serious themes in this movie, such as murder, pollution and suicide, but none affected me in any way because the central characters in Altiplano didn't come to life at all. That's probably because there is almost no dialogue in Altiplano. There are just beautiful shots with some very heavy music, some dramatic events and that's it.

In advance of the screening, the director tried to explain to the audience what kind of experience Altiplano would be. Some people walked out of the audience during the film. After the movie though, i was left with some people, nobody seemed to have understood anything of this poorly directed film.

The director tried to explain to us what he wanted this movie to be: A movie that has a different meaning to anyone. A movie that is special for every person in his own way.

In stead, nobody understood. Nobody cared. Why? There is no life in this film, just some beautiful shots of Peru. If you're looking for that, i suggest you could type in 'Peru' on google. Saves you some time and money.
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