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Gorky Park (1983)
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Read the Book, 16 December 2002

I saw this movie and unfortunately was very disappointed. After reading the brilliant book written by Martin Cruz Smith I expected a brilliant screenplay in movie form. I was wrong, many characters are missing which are vital to the story line and Hurt's performance of the title character is not believable, his accent isn't even right! Not that I don't think Hurt is a talented actor, I just didn't feel he was the right person for the part. The only thing that made the movie bearable for me was the the perfect casting choice of Lee Marvin as the American. It was as though this part was written for him and no one else. If you want to see the movie, read the book first (its will explain the holes in the plot for you) and enjoy one of Lee Marvin's last great performances!

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B movie with a couple laughs, 7 November 2002

While the movie was definitely corny, it has it laughs. However I was disappointed to find out Martin Mull was not credited for his hilarous performance as the pharmacist. Early Matthew Modine flick, but his charm is evident even in this early picture.

Deeply (2000)
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Beautiful Movie, 7 November 2002

I was touched by this moving film. Kirsten Dunst gives one of her best performances as a girl struggling to understand the world around her and the hidden secrets of her town. Relative newcomer Trent Ford shows promise in his pivotal role. A must see.