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"Bosch" (2014)
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The manufactured ratings and reviews can't hide that this one is going nowhere fast., 18 February 2014

IMDb has 1199 user ratings and 1 written review. Riiiight. Flooding your own show with positive reviews is one way of doing things, I guess. Another might have been hiring talented writers. The dialogue is wooden. The lead character is playing a boring conglomerate of every rogue cop you've ever seen and none of the supporting characters are given anything to do. This is a poor mans csi and although it's shot beautifully that's about all I can say for it. Titus welliver is a good actor, but he must have cringed at some of this dialogue. I would hope that amazon keeps trying in this field, but they should find an honest way of getting reviews out to prime members.

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Wonderful work. Cast and Crew did themselves proud., 31 May 2012

Ted Mann is a genius. Brought a bit of Deadwood to this piece and when the writing is great and the piece is filmed with such professionalism the results are going to be good. This is an amazing piece of history and all involved should be proud. I especially loved Costner, Mare Winningham, Tom Berringer and Jenna Malone, though I could name many more. What a story! I have to go back to Kevin Costner. I didn't understand a few of his lines, but here he is playing (and playing well) a generational historic character and doing it in a way that I did not think he had the capability of doing. He is wonderful as Devil Anse. It just goes to show you that if you give a talented pro great lines, they'll deliver. And he did, big time. This is tough, gritty and beautiful film making and if history means anything to you, I highly recommend Hatfields and McCoys.

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What a letdown., 14 January 2012

Where Summer Heights High contained heart, nuance and characters you loved and pulled for (while cringing at them at the same time) this contains very little of that. Sad to say. I think this guy has shown flashes of genius, but in Angry Boys, Lilley seems to settle for shock value over strong and deep characters. Granted, I've only watched two episodes, but where We Can be Heroes and Summer Heights High seemed to jump off the screen with honesty and made one truly feel for Jonah, Jaime and Mr. G--Angry Boys grabs a tiny laugh here and there and doesn't lead anywhere except towards base and juvenile. Maybe this is what Chris was going for, but I have to say that--he is capable of better than this.

Awful--Amateurish and poorly written and executed., 6 December 2011

I felt a little sorry for the performers in this piece of garbage, but only till they started doing the Chow Time dance number. Then I lost all pity for them and wanted them to leave the screen as soon as possible. I've seen better work in junior high school assemblies. I just realized that my review won't be posted unless it contains ten lines of text. Well, I'm going to have to work really hard to find anything more to say about this totally forgettable piece of adolescent pablum. But even if I only make it to nine and a half lines, that will contain more thought than anyone put into the making of this sorry excuse for a film. Oh, man-I still have two more lines. I wish now I'd never stumbled on this movie. It's now wasting way too much of my life. One of the girls was sort of cute, but it's still a really bad movie. If you think your kids might enjoy it, you should be working harder to raise smarter children. That was rude. Sorry. Okay--that's ten or more lines.

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Dumbed down and schmaltzy, 8 October 2010

Really some of the most bland writing and uninspiring acting I've seen in a sports movie (or any movie) in a long time. I used to be one of those guys who claimed he'd be happy watching Diane Lane fold laundry. Well guess what? She does fold laundry in this one and it's not as much fun as I thought it would be. This film makes the rather sappy films Seabiscuit and Rudy seem like Chekov by comparison. Nobody seems to look like they are enjoying saying their lines or acting in these ridiculous, contrived scenes. John Malkovich (as Lucien Lauren) has never been so poorly used. Scott Glen (fine actor) and the horse playing Sham come off best in this one--but then, he's playing a depressed vegetable who has a stroke (Mr. Glen--not the horse). Thank heavens there were a couple of well done racing scenes. But if I would have had to deal with one more stereotypical Penny Chenery family scene or one more bad '70's wig, I would have bolted from the theater like Zenyatta rounding the turn for home. This one is not for serious movie fans and the story of Secretariat is ultimately so much more interesting. I guess, therein lies the problem. Secretariat ran like a machine and this movie looks like it was made on an assembly line.

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Revelations---of hate and intolerance, 28 June 2010

A powerful little film. Not stylish or in any way long on pretense, but it packs a punch because it takes hatred and religious bigotry on and asks no quarter. The Mormon conceived and backed plans to take on gay marriage in Hawaii and California were carefully orchestrated and done with the hope of remaining out of the spotlight in order to avoid any negative attention. Guess what Church Leadership? This film brings it all around full circle---well, BYU not being invited to join the PAC 10 as an affiliate is really a powerful example of "what goes around, comes around," since this is a church that keeps it foot planted squarely on the necks of gay people but looooves it's football. The great Universities of the PAC 10 can't tolerate a church owned campus that fosters intolerance. How's that for a kick in the stomach Coogs? Cudos and sincere thanks to Mr. Cowan and also to Sundance for leading the way once again and recognizing a fine piece of work. See it and prepare to get mad.

Beautiful doc. Amazing story. Great man., 11 June 2010

This is one of the more inspiring documentaries I've seen in the last few years. It is well made and combines a Burns like style, with the artists own unique presentational style. It has minor, minor flaws in it's doc-drama presentation, but that can't take away from the overall impact. It is a solid, simple retelling of one of the best small town stories I've ever heard. When I say "simple" I don't mean to imply that there is simplistic thinking by the filmmaker. He presents many different sides of a complex story and a man (Golden Kilburn) who had a seemingly simple view of boys and a straightforward way of dealing with them. Namely, understanding that boys have a huge well of energy and that getting the most out of that energy requires hard work, love of your fellow man, discipline and direction. In his subject character, Golden Kilburn--he has a gem. You simply can't look into the face of this man and not see a proud and caring person who is happy to be alive and embracing life. What a teacher! What a leader!

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Please don't dumb down America by paying money to see this., 21 September 2009

If you like this film and you are not mentally handicapped in some way, I feel very sorry for you. You need to challenge yourself more. Richie Rich comic books are fine for children, but if you are still guffawing and enchanted with them when you are in college, something is horribly wrong. I liked the Archies when I was a teenager--THEN I GREW UP! Tyler Perry can't write. It's that simple. If you like his films, you might as well say, "What I really appreciate in a film is poor writing executed by people who can't act very well. Oh, and if you could throw in a lousy director, please do so; I want to get the whole experience of a Tyler Perry movie.

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Shallow, formula and the Regis guy couldn't pronounce Millionaire", 7 December 2008

This is a movie that makes Americans feel like all people of other cultures really want to be is "surprise," just like Americans! A silly and unbelievable plot, 30 quick shots per minute, LOUD music, and waaay to much Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Hey, I stopped caring about this movie in much the same way as I stopped caring about seeing people vie with Regis to become rich. It's boring! If you can't think of anything more that you want in a film than, Guy loses girl, guy makes a lot of money and gets girl back, you'll love this one. Other than some wonderful performances by tiny little kids in the first half hour, this film is the CRASH of 2008. Something that makes shallow viewers feel like art house afficinados.