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Night Train to Nowhere, 31 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very funny episode of MST3K concerning one of the most incomprehensible films of the entire series. Red Zone Cuba (aka Night Train to Mundo Fine) is one of the most awful films ever made by one of the most awful film-makers (Coleman Francis) that every walked onto a set.

The episode starts with a short on Public Speaking from the 1950's University of Kansas that is hilarious. The fashion and the advise are incredibly dated.

Then we hear the title song sung(!) by cameo actor John Carradine (!!). We then are treated to about sixty minutes of the 'bots riffing on this ineptly made, grim and humorless adventure tail that meanders all over the place and then wides up in Cuba during the Castro revolution for no reason at all. The story of three escaped convicts trying to out run the law by traveling to Cuba is unwatchable and 'bots riffing is the only thing that makes this watchable.

If it possible for a movie to be so horrible that it is painful that is the only thing that keeps this episode from being classic.

Legend of Boggy Creek II is a great episode in the final season., 31 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

MST3K had several hits and a lot of misses in its years on the air. In their last season they had some of their best episodes, including Boggy Creek II. First, this movie is awful; I'm a native Arkansan and I've never heard of the Boggy Creek monster except in films.The movie is about a University of Arkansas professor who takes his students into the swamps to find the legendary "Boggy Creek Monster." They encounter supposedly comic adventures in the swamp and then find the creature and its off-spring being tormented by a crazy hillbilly. Charles B. Pierce acts, directs and basically does the whole movie himself. The amateurishness of it all is funny and the ripping on the film is very funny and topical. The skits are generally funny including the "fires" and "whittling." The whole Pearl, Bobo and Brain Guy thing was dead by this time anyway and a waste of time.