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A Real American Fan's take on this, 7 August 2009

I saw this at midnight I still have my figures I still watch the cartoons. This movie was like the sci-fi channel doing a bad rip off of the cartoon. It's actually worse than you can possibly imagine if you are a die hard fan like me. Why Hollywood tries to re-write good stories and characters is beyond me. Zartan is the only one they got close to being right. With this being said it will be a cool movie for kids. No sex no language and little blood. As long as you have never seen Gi Joe or read the comics and you don't mind chessy forced dialogue and bad acting you will like this movie. And snake eyes looks like he is wearing the batman suit. Val Kilmer looked more like snake eyes in the saint when he was climbing that building in the beginning of the movie.

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A Perfect Punisher Movie, 5 December 2008

I am a Huge Punisher fan. This movie destroys the other two in my opinion. I was expecting a piece of crap from the reviews I read and boy were they wrong. This movie is a non stop kill fest. It shows everything from heads exploding to decapitations. As a horror fan I love that. As a Punisher fan that's the way it should be. I wanna see the scum of the world get their heads blown off, not cut off at the last second like most movies do. Ray's portrayal of the punisher is perfect. In the first scene of the movie when he's wiping out the dinner guests and he breaks the neck of the mobsters wife I knew I was in for a treat. Loooooooooooved IT.