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My favorite genre so I'm quite excited about this list!

American Psycho is a dark comedy so for those of you who want to see it on here!
Se7en is a crime thriller not a psych. thriller.
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Fear is relative, what you might think is scary, we might not. And vice-versa; but, we feel these 13 movies left us with nightmares more than any other films.
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Very relative subject, some might disagree majorly or some might agree. What's funny to some might not be funny to others so this list is trying to cover 25 different films that are different in their ways of expressing comedy.
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When I say dark, I mean gloomy, depressing, shocking, and disturbing. This is not a gory list, nor is it a horror list.

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Distinct from other movies in their visually stunning qualities
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Not the most explicit but should keep your heart going throughout!
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These films were just straight up depressing. Some amazing, some not, but all were depressing! We excluded those of "happy endings."