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a list of 100 titles
You have your Die Hard. Heat. Escape From New York. Jurassic Park. Speed. Predator and Alien(s), Rocky and Rambo, Conan and Commando. Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Matrix and LOTR. Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and Jackie Chan.
Indiana Jones and James Bond. Braveheart and Gladiator, Robocop and Terminator. Dr. Strangelove, Apocalypse Now, Dirty Dozen and Kellys Heroes. Death Wish, Dirty Harry, Bullitt and Mad Max.
Lethal Weapon, Point Break, The Hitcher, The Running Man and The Last Boyscout. The Unforgiven, Rio Bravo, Tombstone and The Good The Bad & The Ugly. Back To The Future and Ghostbusters. Batman, Superman, X-Men and all the others.

Then you have The Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface and The Untouchables. Fight Club and Snatch, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. The Usual Suspects and American History X. Friday and Half Baked.
Dawn Of The Dead and Evil Dead. Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.
Caddyshack, Naked Gun, Airplane and Hot Shots.

With sequels, already well over 150 movies right there.
But movies that almost every guy on the planet likes and knows by heart.
For those reasons, mentioned movies and similar "usual suspects" wont be on the list. Not only has every guy breathing seen them at least dozens of times but most of them can be seen on tv on regular basis.
Thats why I had some basic "rules" while compiling the list :

- no martial arts/fighting/anime movies
- no typical action movies/stars
- no monsters/creature features
- no "buddy" comedies/action (alpha males etc)
- no superheroes
- no catastrophe movies
- no erotic thrillers/dramas/giallos
- no rap/ghetto/gangsta movies
- no movies based on video games
- no typical adventure/fantasy/swords and sandals movies
- no documentaries
- no weed/drug flicks

As few movies as possible (at least typical ones) from these genres :

- car/chase movies
- sci-fi/horror/rape/revenge movies
- war/western movies
- sports movies/politics
- traditional thrillers
- crime movies (cops/mafia/noir/P.I. movies, as well as con/heist/hitman/gang/prison movies)

Making a list of 100 mens movies that belong (firmly) in any of categories above would be "cheating" and no challenge whatsoever. The list basically writes itself.
There are, off course, many movies on the list that are exceptions to the "rules" mentioned above since they are blend of several genres and cant be so easily categorized.
I`ve tried remembering less typical films that I like to play for my friends when its just us guys watching and they challenge me to come up with some quality pieces that are "made by men, for men".

We have seen many (especially modern) movies aimed mostly at male auidences ruined by introducing (female) characters who are there solely to make a movie more "balanced" and politically correct. One dimensional, annoying, almost never drive the story forward.
It never helps having a badly written, uninspired love interest/unnecessary romance in general, especially in movies like these. Many "guy" flicks that had great potential were ruined thanks to stuff like that.
So without further philosophizing, I give you my list over movies that are (mostly) stripped for those things. Or should I say movies where "those things" didnt manage to ruin the finished product.

Hope you find it worth your time. Any comments, questions or suggestions can be send to