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Naan Kadavul (2009)
challenge to the world cinema
21 February 2009
as SUPER STAR 'RAJNIKANTH' said here after never such a movie can be made..it goes down as one of the all time classic movies..like bala's previous movies SETHU, NANDHA , PITHAMAGAN he continues to stunt you with realistic story of NAAN KADAVUL..ARYA's dedication in the movie will make his carrier to look back...he has set a standards which other have to follow..ilayaraja has again gave a evergreen memories with his excellent music..he has done magics with the background score..Bala has tried to debate a few serious issues in the movie. The first is obviously about who is God? He also talks about life and death and how death is actually a boon to one who cannot lead a good life. Summing up, Naan Kadavul is not a movie that everyone can digest. It shows reality in such brutality that you wonder whether such things really do happen. It cannot be called violent; the word 'brutal' has to be repeated often to describe the movie.
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