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This list ranks, from best to worst, all of of the movies I've seen that have been theatrically released this year.
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My annual mid year re rankings for my most anticipated movies.
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The 90's gave us Tarantino, Fincher, PTA and the rise of the Coen Brothers. Then we got the emergence of directors such as Nolan, Aronofsky, Reitman, Inarritu, and Apatow in the 2000's. So let's explore some fresh new faces who could be on the rise next. Some of these directors have already established fine careers, while others show true promise to join them, but all have done less than a handful of films and have eager to see what they do next. Feel free to add names of filmmakers in the comments section that you believe in so that everyone has a chance to learn about them and experience their movies.
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My 10 Favorite Movies of the Year
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Here are the films that barely missed out on my Top 10 list of 2010. Listed Alphabetically.
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My most anticipated movies for the upcoming year.

The list will be continually updating.
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Movies that just missed the cut.
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I created my Original 2011 Most Anticipated Movies list back in January, but due to constant tweaking of it based on new information being released and different takes on trailers and release date changes I thought it would be best to start fresh with 5 months in the year left to go and most of my Most Anticipated movies yet to be released. I have only included the movies I have not yet seen this year, therefore, I have taken out movies I really looked forward to this year that I have already seen including Source Code, Jane Eyre, Win Win, Hanna, Midnight in Paris, and The Tree of Life, which was my number 1 most anticipated movie back at the beginning of the year (Refer to my original 2011 Most Anticipated Movies List and my 2011 Movie Ranking's list).
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My Most Anticipated Movies For 2011