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Laughably implausible, 12 June 2010

Typical popcorn fare with all the CGI butter toping one could hope for. As if strait out a Saturday morning cartoon, this had all the trappings of an action packed trill ride. Although it was outrageous and some times ridiculous it was fun to watch. Just remember to suspend all semblance of reality. I was a bit surprised to see many powerhouse actors in this movie, although the main hero played by Channing Tatum was not one of them. He comes across like a football jock that has been getting drunk at a pub then finds out it's a gay bar. However the "real" actors could not save it. The story was over the top, but that is expected as this movie is aimed at 14-year-old kids. While I didn't hate this movie, I did think it was silly and often laughable at times. That said it did have some entertaining qualities.

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Slow moving, 11 June 2010

I found this movie astonishingly long and drawn out. While I thought some of the interplay was interesting and pleasant, it was for the most part aimless. The film just seemed to be a series of random conversations of every day French people and a mother that hardly spends time with her son. Nothing particularly interesting or exciting really happens. No profound insight or wisdom is ever really reviled. Nothing is really explained to the audience.

The actual balloon only makes a rare appearance.

I didn't find this film to be unpleasant, but it was lingering and somewhat pointless.

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Bush's utter failure, 3 June 2010

This is an amazing conformation of the Bush administrations utter failure in the handling of the Iraq war. A girl scoot troop could have made better and more informed decisions. Perhaps even a troop of monkeys would have done a better job then Bush's henchmen?

The errors in judgment and lack of military experience within the administration are both appalling and telling of the Bush white house. Every military expert was systematically ignored or sidelined. It's as if the Bush administration's primary and sole interest or concern was the protection and acquisition of Iraq's oil provisions.

This film is a testament to the complete and absolute failure of the Bush presidency.

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Money talks, BS walks, 29 March 2010

How painfully bad and yes I know this film made money. This movie is so chock full clichés it might be trying to be a comedy. The special effects are of course outstanding, however the story is weak to say the lest. It is convoluted and full of plot holes. The romance felt forced, as did the college singular dimensional roommates. Is it just me, or is Shia LaBeou more annoying, then usual in this movie? He tries to act like this tough kid but he comes off like a punk. In every movie he is in, he has this short fuse. I just want someone to pop him in the face and knock him down a peg or two. Maybe a few more DUI's should do it. The sexy Megan Fox is and should be set dressing. Her acting can best be described as wooden. While I know in real life she is a sweet girl that is dedicated to her family, she is in no danger of winning any major acting awards. Maybe a razzie, oh wait, she got nominated for 2 already. I guess this movie was made for 12 year olds? Mr. Bay should really be a second unit guy because he is very good at visual details and action but seems to pay no attention to writing. Hopefully this will be the last outing for transformers but as it made money I'm sure we'll have to endure a few more. Maybe the next one will be better, but I doubt it.

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I want my 90 minuets of my life back., 4 January 2010

Paranormal thriller similar to 'The blair witch project' and as just as boring, maybe even more so. This movie was incredibly slow moving, almost crawling at a snails pace, and over all not very scary. If you are particularly susceptible to ghost stories you might find this scary. I will say that the camera work was slightly better then blear witch, but not much. You basically wait 40 minutes before anything happens, and when it does it is no more then a small bump in the night. I can never understand why people would remain in haunted house. Maybe they feel their property value would drop if they ran out screaming into the night? …and why did they keep sleeping in the bed room after each incident? If you like ghost type of movies, you might like this, but over all it is not very good.

Beautiful, Strange and disturbing, 26 November 2009

I first saw the works of these brothers in 1990. I thought there style of animation was so different then what I had seen before. Although these twin brother directors are American you could not see it in there work. It looked very eastern European, as if it had come out of some Soviet block TV series. While the short films on this DVD make little sense or follow any story line, there are visually fascinating to look at. Some times the imagery is disturbing to look at. If dolls had nightmares this is what they might look like. I can't say I liked their work, but I do feel it is ground breaking visually interesting and creative. This is not for those with a passing fancy in stop-motion animation.

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Might be OK as a rental, 26 June 2008

Yet another installment from the sandman. While I have to agree that this movie seems a little out of date; it would have been more relevant said 1998 maybe even 2000. Although it did have its funny moments, only about 50% of the movie works. Adams constant penchant for bad 80's music is sometimes cute; here it became a little tiresome. Some of the gags could have been cut to move it a long better. A few too many humus references. I have to admit some of the bits are funny. I had to laugh every time he banged his American roommates mom or one of the old ladies from the salon. Once again this movie is about 10 years too late. I will say it might be a good rental with a few beers and a pizza. I give it a grade of C+, OK but not horrible.

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Gay-tastic, 17 June 2008

I knew full well going into this that it was far from citizen Kane, that said I have to say I laughed my @$$ off. This is one of those movies you just have to put your brain on autopilot. If you take your comedy too seriously this is not for you. My advice, get a few beers and watch with your girl friend or drunken buddies.

There may have been a few too many gay references, but over all I though it was funny the whole macho/homo-ness of the Spartans and how they tried to be tough yet in touch with there feminine side. We needed more pit-of- death scenes. And why didn't they do more with Britney and sangiha? While not every scene was super funny, over all it was good for a laugh. I did wait for the DVD and enjoyed listening to the audio commentary.

Jumper (2008)
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More like a stumble then a jump, 8 April 2008

Well I'm so glad i didn't pay to see this. I would have asked for a refund. It was OK at best. If this came on TV and I saw it for free, that would be OK. I'm sure I would changed the channel from time to time, and do a little surfing. The idea was great. The story was not so great. And sorry to say, the acting was less then was lack-luster at best. Well, not all the performances were abysmal. Young Darth Vadar was the weakest link in the acting chain. My wife points out that he is a hunk; yeah a hunk of wood. Another IMDber pointed out the lack of chemistry between the two lead characters. I have to agree. I felt every time they shared screen time, it was forced. As for the big name star, Sam Jackson, it looked like he phoned this one in. He was OK, but just. I hope he cashed the check as soon as possible, before they ask for their money back. If you get a free rental or have a friend that is dumb enough to buy a copy of this, borrow it if you think you must see it. But really, you are not missing much. once again, good idea, so so execution.

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70's cheese at its best, 2 February 2008

I loved watching this with my dad on TV back in the late 70's. Good clean family fun. I know I watched every episode. I recently got the DVD box set. It really brought back some memories. Mostly of how hot Princess Ardala was. wow, what a fox! Even at 11 years old I didn't get why Buck just didn't run off with her. I would have. Yeah, stay here in the future and be your love slave on this space ship, OK I can do that. Go ahead and enslave the earth, I'll just slip into some space spandex for your highness; plus every one I know from 1979 is dead any way. All in all it was a fun show for the most part. Robots, lasers and space battles, pure 70's goodness. Also it had a lot of sexy girls running around in spandex; a big bonus for young boys of the day. I have to agree with most fans here about the 2nd season not being as good as the first. You think with all the re-makes the Sci-fi channel is doing they could do a really good one of this.

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