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Great Kids Movie, 24 February 2014

Ferngully is a great movie for kids. First of all the story is great for children and will keep them really entertained. Kids like the characters and the story.

Of course the story obviously is not super engrossing for adults but who cares? It is a kids movie and they are almost never also meant to be entertaining for adults too so by that score this movie is better than most kids movies.

Most important this movie has a good message about the environment and caring about the environment and kids really seem to respond to it because it is presented in this movie in an entertaining way that they will like.

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Bottom Notch, 17 February 2011

I don't know if I should say this show is bottom notch or bottom drawer but either way I think I get my point across that this is a terrible show.

First of all it is not actually a show, the disclaimers CHCH TV runs say it is a paid advertisement and the views expressed don't necessarily reflect the views of the network yadda yadda... all the commercials are just the host selling his pasta, etc, yes the host of the show is also the guy in all the commercials selling the products because he's his own sponsor! It just makes me sad to watch this, Frank the host is the worst host I've ever seen, he doesn't know how to talk to his guests and all the jokes he tells are horrible and of the variety that you would have heard and groaned at a million times before. That could be forgiven if he was likable but he is not, he just seems like a selfish jerk desperate for attention.

This show is awful. The only good thing is that the guests they hire are sometimes big names, I didn't see that one but apparently Al Pacino was on the show. I don't know how they swung that but I'm guessing they drove a truck full of money up to his house and told him it was a real show.

My opinion: avoid this poor excuse for a show at all costs, it is just terrible!

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Terrible!, 17 February 2011

I'm not even a Justin Bieber hater (though that kind of surprises me because he is the exact type of thing I usually rail against on my blog) but I feel like I need to take a 12 hour shower after watching this useless, horrible disgusting piece of "entertainment" with my sister. Yeah I like to hang out with my sister and we BOTH wanted to go see this movie thinking we'd at least get a laugh. Boy was I wrong, this was just awful. His performance is terrible, it's as if this vain little pubeless kid thinks all he has to do is stand there and let 10 year old girls scream at his stupid haircut. The songs are terrible, there's a few attempts to create visual spectacle of some sort but all of it is just awful and pointless. LOL to the reviewer who referred to him as "Miss Bieber" that's awesome. Way more entertainment out of that one joke than I got out of this entire pointless vain movie that's for sure.

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Great Host, Good Show, 7 February 2011

I usually hate reality TV but this is one of the two or three reality shows out there that I actually like and can stand to watch. Most of the reason is that the host is actually very good at her job, she is not annoying and actually knows what she is talking about and seems like she really does care about helping these people who she is trying to help with their financial troubles. Basically in this show she deals with a recent married couple who are spending way to much money compared to the money they make and helps them make cut backs to what they spend and get rid of the excess so they can avoid getting into debt and help start paying off their debt, and if they do what she suggests to tighten their purses strings she gives them "prize money" to help them out. Great host and a good show worth seeing.

The Roommate (2011/I)
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Bad, 7 February 2011

Wow this movie is bad. The writing is terrible and the acting is not much better than terrible. If you took any kid in school sat them down and told them to write a scary horror movie that is set on a university/college campus this is pretty much what they would come up with exactly. It is very predictable and you can see the attacks coming a mile away. Basically without ruining any of it I can say this is a girl who is obviously stuck with a roommate in college who she does not know but the chick turns out to be completely insane and tries to take over and keeps attacking and scaring her to death, almost literally to death. The movie is so stupid you will laugh at different places but it is not meant to be at all funny so this is just a terrible movie.

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The Worst, 24 January 2011

CBC has made a lot of terrible shows but this one might be the worst. I don't know if it is as bad as Little Mosque but In-Security is just terrible, the Border was a great show as a drama but for some reason CBC can't make a good comedy to save their life. Republic of Doyle is a good show but not sure that is on CBC. Anyway In-Security has really bad writing and acting the story is just dumb and all of the jokes are so pathetic I'd guess they were written by a five year old kid instead of professional writers, this show is just terrible. It is the worst new CBC show by far and I hope it does not last long, please let it be over soon!

Fun, 24 January 2011

I wish that CHCH TV would rerun this show some time! Albert J Steed was cool, it was a show where it was just one guy hosting it but he played different characters, it was a old show but it was still very fun and the guy playing all the roles including hosting the show was real talented and a great actor who was real engaging with the kids/viewers watching. They should rerun this more. CHCH also did a show that was kinda similar in how it was done (one guy playing lots of parts) called Frightenstein and that show was also brilliant but he had more other talented people to work with. Anyway i barely remember it but saw this title come up and thought i would comment.

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Only the most die hard Corner Gas fan could possibly like this show, 21 September 2010

Only the most die hard Corner Gas fan could possibly like this show.... I was a big Corner Gas fan and I can't even make myself get into this show at all. It is the same character as in Corner Gas so I am left wondering "Where is Lacy? Where is Brent? Where are Brent's parents?" it's like they gutted Corner Gas of all the stuff that maybe could have worked leaving us with just Hank the stupid guy but with no good characters for him to play off of this show is just pointless. The other characters are not performed very well, all the writing is predictable and the show just isn't very funny. Hank is too simple of a person to carry the show himself and the other actors just aren't interesting either. I give this show a big fail just like Hiccups which is also not a good show for many of the same reasons.

"Hotbox" (2009)
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Hotbox Sucks, 16 September 2010

Hotbox is a terrible show. I guess it is cancelled but it was so damn bad I still want to post here and say please if you are thinking about returning to do another year of this show don't, it is an awful show and nobody likes you. How can a show on the comedy network be so completely not funny, they try so hard but there are no funny moments I have ever seen on this show. I hate this show and I hope it is never on TV again. I give it 2 out of 10 instead of 1 because there are shows on the comedy network that are even worse like popcultured, punched up, and girls being girls. What the farking cowpoop is wrong with the comedy network.

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Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, 15 September 2010

Zzzzzzzzzzzz the Rick Mercer show puts me to sleep. I never liked it since it was first on. It is good that they at least got rid of that Daryn guy from the first two years because he was painful he was so bad but Mercer is so boring and useless now. As other reviewers said this show is just him talking to people and trying things (last one I saw had him joining a dance troop) and basically mugging for the camera being silly and trying to get laughs. His good stuff was always talking to America and the good ranting he did about serious subjects that were well written and said something important at the same time, now even the rants are not as sharp as they used to be. I can't stand this show, something is wrong with CBC look at all the shows they do now.

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