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Great Sci-Fi Adventure every fan should see
19 June 2010
This movie literally came out of nowhere for me, never heard of it, never saw any of the advertisements. And I must say it took me by surprise and didn't let go until the end.

The film starts out fresh and stays that way till the end, keeping a solid pace filled with hauntingly beautiful action scenes, stunning visual effects, and a story that sticks with you. The actors were all well chosen, playing believable and likable characters that steer clear of stereotypes like the ones we've seen a million times before. The sci-fi world they create follows a steampunk type of theme which actually works very nice with the feel of the movie, especially the guns which i loved.

I'm one of those guys who absolutely hates terrible movies, and I hate it the most when I read a review from someone who tells me it's the next best thing when it sucks, so take it from me, this movie is most definitely worth the watch, and will make a great addition to any movie buff's collection.
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Just another average
29 May 2010
Whether Romero has lost his talent, or like some suggest, never really had it to begin with, this movie is just another average.

The film has a habit of disappointing. Every scene that either began promising or seemed to be headed in a strong direction turned out to be a let down. They were either riddled with clichés' used by every zombie film on the market or something too cheesy and goofy to be good occurred.

Considering it was the gritty realism of Romero's older flicks that gained him some infamy, it seems odd that this film would divulge so far from that path. Some of the ways zombies are killed in this installment feels like a group of middle school children were writing the script. To add to that, not one aspect of this film seemed researched. Not the island's culture, not the national guard, not even the weapons they use, which seem to be in overabundance and magically never out of bullets until convenient for some dialogue. The zombies were not a threat, or even a driving force in the story, but rather a nuisance to the screen that honestly tended to bore me.

From a filmmaker's perspective, there are absolutely no techniques used as far as lighting, camera work, or mise en' scene that are meant to convey anything near suspense or terror. The film is on the same level of any zombie movie i've seen of late. It's just another average.
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Mystery Team (2009)
Derrick Comedy strikes on the big screen!
5 December 2009
This movie had what many movies today do not.

It was funny.

It was well worth my money.

It had heart.

A genuinely funny movie that had me and the rest of the theater rolling at every joke, Mystery Team is the first of what I'm sure will be many feature length films completed by Derrick Comedy. The trio of actors easily compliment each other's comical timing to the point of perfection, not to mention the very visual style it was shot. I love the camera angles and moves, and over all it keeps the energy flowing throughout the story. This movie was not made on a big budget, nor was it done in the glamor of Hollywood. This movie is a portrait of legitimate hard work and dedication that culminated into a hilarious movie. I recommend seeing Mystery Team as soon as it becomes available to you.
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Major disappointment : (
18 November 2009
Being a fan of the Saints for years I went into this movie with high expectations and a good amount of personal excitement. Unfortunately, this movie fell way below the standards set by the first installment, for these reasons:

.paper thin plot = very generic, the kind of thing you come up with in five minutes of stereotypical mob brainstorming.

.Dumbed down = Where the first movie succeeded in being witty and fun the second can only survive off of gay jokes and three stooges antics.

.Copying = It seemed like every single well known moment in the first movie was copy and pasted into this movie with the exact same outcome every time. Like they couldn't of anything else to do with them but what they already did.

.Dependent = This movie depended Way too heavily on the first being the underground classic it was. It just tries so hard to be the same bad-ass movie that all the shootout scenes are in slomo and last 25-30 min apiece.

Troy Duffy had his chance to make a movie again and in my opinion all he did was plagiarize himself. Though at times it was funny, the few and far between moments were not enough to save what should have been a continuation of a vigilante cult classic that survived despite the odds. What we get instead is Troy Duffy's homage to himself and a movie that never should have been made.
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Great Movie!
7 July 2009
OK, obviously taking a gander at the title of this movie it didn't seem like much, in fact, it seemed like a terrible sounding movie. However, once we looked up a trailer for it, we decided we had to see it. Jack Brooks monster Slayer was easily one of the best new cult films I have seen in a long time. Make up effects were amazing, especially considering not a single bit of CG was used. The gags in the movie (supported by the strong acting talent aboard) always served to make me laugh. The Action sequences were very well done, as well as character development. The characters in this movie, especially Jack, are easily likable. All in all I loved this movie, it was fun to watch and a staple in the modern cult horror genre. Go See it! I promise it's worth your time.
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Hurts me to say this.
6 July 2009
If you are a film aficionado I would strongly advise you to avoid this movie. Beginning with the points that first struck me, this film has terrible cinematography. The lighting is sloppy and sometimes left completely to natural light which serves only to leave awkward shadows or simply doesn't fulfill the needs of the scene. Second the Camera work is atrocious. the blatant overuse of hand-held home movie style camera, mixed with the low resolution digital, leaves the film with a goofy home made amateur feel. Not to mention the lack of close ups or varying angles simply leaves your eyes bored with the scenes.

Next is the story. Now as far as the acting goes, top notch, I really felt the actors put everything they could into this movie. The writing as well, especially Dillinger's Dialogue, was great. But the story just doesn't do it. I mean, it moves at a snails pace and constantly repeats itself, almost like your watching the same scene over again. Not to mention by the end of the movie, you honestly don't care about the characters.
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Appaloosa (2008)
Absolutely horrible
14 November 2008
This movie was defiantly not worth the watch. I loved 3:10 to Yuma for its cinematic beauty and excellent cast of actors, but honestly Viggo is the only actor in this movie I felt was rightly cast. Everyone else just seemed so damn bored. The lead female role was a horrible pick, bad acting, bad to look at, and an overall shitty character to play. honestly this movie drug on for so long with absolutely no point. It got to the point where I could turn to the person I sat next to and say "hey, i bet there going to cut to a shot of the two cowboys riding, and then a shot of the three of them eating together, with some really lame dialogue about getting a house" and that's exactly what would happen. The quick moments of action in this movie were overall useless to the plot, which was virtually non-existent. I left the theater for the first time in my life.
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Dark Floors (2008)
Epic Fail of a Movie
12 November 2008
This is one of those movies you pick up by accident when you meant to buy something good, and it's really only good for a laugh. That is, laughing at the horrible Acting, Directing, Writing, Cinematography, and overall premiss for the film, which is what . . . still don't know. I watched it, hated it, watched all the commentary on it in hopes of finding some clue about what the hell I just watched, only to see one of the most un-charismatic bands ever dressed like monsters and commentating like retards. An actual quote from one of the band members who dresses like a mummy, when asked about the movie, said "There's sand in this movie. Sand equals mummy. so yah. it was cool." not even joking. Don't give this movie a second of your time. You'll be all the better for it.
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