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"Atlantis" (2013)
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Huge disappointment, 5 October 2013

Had seen so much publicity about it and always been fascinated by the legend, so I decided to tune in. From the very start you can tell there has been a lot of money invested in it but it simply comes across as so....plastic.....The wardrobe, to start with, is so clinical, so obviously taylor-made and impeccable. Even the spots are tidy and is the set. Completely artificial. Some of the swords are so brand new that you cannot help but try and see if you can spot the price tag. That is all really secondary because the acting is amateur at best....The characters sound so colloquial and modern, so posed.....I would only save Juliet Stevenson and bin the rest! Mark Addy is a mythological Del Boy and his comedy-like performance is completely inappropriate for this genre....

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Big Disappointment, 16 June 2006

I watched this movie last night and found it a complete disappointment. I read the book and whilst I thought the idea was original (although very badly documented), I found the ending was one of the most stupid ones in history. The film struggled to make sense of everything in the book in 2.5 hours and in doing so, makes the characters spit out all deductions in a very unreal way. It might be that what makes acting (even from T Hanks and Sir Ian) look so poor. Good part of the audience had left before halfway down the movie. Its not unwantchable but extremely disappointed, so I guess best thing if you are going to watch its have no big hopes. The adaptation is incredibly mediocre, in my view, and so unbelievable.

The Grudge (2004)
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Dreadful, 6 November 2004

I watched this movie last night and woke up this morning thinking "there is nothing I can do to get me back those 2 hours of eyesore, but I will feel a bit better if I can warn other potential victims" so decided to post my comment here. Absolutely silly from beginning to end! Being a fan of scary movies, I think I have seen them all, but this is by far the worst. What was the Director thinking about??? And I just saw Sarah Michael [whatever her other name is] come to London to promote that movie! I feel sorry for her. I would be so embarrassed to go into a private viewing of this movie if I had been on it. From the very beginning, this ridiculous figure/silhouette/stain appearing chasing people (some hardly related with the house) was so bizarre! And what's with Sarah M... washing her hair and getting some weird sort of bars coming out of the back of her head??? What on Earth has that to do with a dead person haunting the house. At the end, you can imagine what is supposed to be happening thanks to the [third] restatement of the opening thought (something along the lines of "where some one dies full of rage, they leave some sort of jinx...") Dreadful, dreadful! Acting was so poor. Perhaps the leading lady has done so much vampire hunting that she could not put on a credible face projecting fear or surprise. I can only think that this was created on the basis of some Oriental approach to thrillers unknown in the western hemisphere. I only give it one point as I must admit jumping from my seat a few times at the beginning (the background music was good). What a huge fiasco!

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Excellent Series, 29 October 2004

I remember this series when I was a kid. It was very well written and the cast was superb. It focused on the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jiménez in Venezuela and more specifically on his Head of National Police Force (Seguridad Nacional), Pedro Estrada. I understand that the script is very close to reality and the different characters, albeit fictional for the most, did resemble situations that were common those days. The main character was played by actress Pierina Espana who later retired from acting. I believe after over 30 years of democracy, reruns are being shown at present and that the current government feels a bit alluded. I am not sure if this show was ever translated.

"Dynasty" (1981)
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Great Tribute to the 80's, 26 October 2004

I loved this show and I think I will love it forever. It was beauty and luxury at its best. People may criticise it on the grounds that the situations were unbelievable and acting was stiff, I think that was the only way the show could work and become what it undeniably became: unique. Dynasty was a shrine to the excesses of the 80's. Probably nobody was too natural back then, so the cast should be given credit for adopting a pace that suited the show and that was key to its success. Ratings might have sunk, but that is always bound to happen. However, almost 20 years later and the show always gives plenty to talk about, is synonym of luxury (even for people who did not follow the show or weren't even born then). That must be worth something. I am sure anyone you ask is likely to know who Alexis Carrington is. I truly wish these days there would be shows were you could see beautiful women (of all ages - even if they had tons of make-up ans stuff) an immaculate scenery and splendid props. Dynasty - in ts kind - was perfection and the best A Spelling has produced in my opinion. Pamela Sue Martin, Pamela Bellwood and Katherine leaving the cast was a big blow I think, but - personally - did not stop remaining hooked. Only no no was the UFO (let's ignore that).

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Good Laugh, 9 October 2004

I remember watching this movie over and over again when I was a kid. I loved it. Whilst I haven't watched it recently, I am sure I would enjoy it just the same today. Its a very light funny movie guaranteed to make anyone laugh. The situations with each one of the characters were so funny and imaginative! I particularly liked the one with the girl traveling with her mother's ashes (who ends up picking them up on the highway after the explosion) , the robbers and the nuns. This nice humour style is much missed these days. Also, this movie proved that actor Paul Keenan (Dynasty/Days of our Lives) was off to a great start. I recommend it to anyone lucky enough to find it in their local video shop.

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in the previous text, 24 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very disappointing work -- such a rich real life character and story is very far from being honoured by this movie. Anyone not knowing much about Bolívar, Latin American history or Manuela Sáenz will definitely get the opposite view to what is basic knowledge. Needless to say photography is very poor and production incredibly mediocre. Diego Rísquez has always stood as one of the most talented directors in Venezuela - no idea what happened this time.