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"Banshee" (2013)
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When I saw Alan Ball was a Executive Producer I knew it would be GOOD, 7 February 2015

I happened to see Banshee trailers and got intrigued. I wanted to reserve judgement until I saw the pilot. Then I saw one name associated with it that told me this would be good. Alan Ball, who bought us one of HBO's Hits, 6 Feet Under and also True Blood. Now to top those two would have to be remarkable. Well it is, In your FACE brutality, a somewhat twisted Love Story, and a newly found Daughter who in wanting to get next to her Biological Father takes up the trade he had mastered, along with her Mother. Some of my favorite characters have already gone, and to say the least their demise was jaw dropping. Friday nights is Banshee night. Unlike True Blood and even 6 Feet Under my only hope is that Banshee doesn't stay too long. But in the end I bet it will go out with a BANG!

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Maddie Tyler rescue, 4 October 2013

You can debate through all of the episodes of NCIS as to which episode is better but for me to see a reminder to Gibbs of the past and to what might have been the future was the most poignant episode I've watched. To see the picture Abby took of the two of them and the great lengths he went to rescue her. And to finally fill in some blanks for Ducky and Inspector Shepard. And finally knowing as always throughout it all as always Tony had his Six. The ending would make the most devoted of viewers and casual ones as well cry, and to think there was more to come since this was just season 5. Subsequent story lines and plot twists shows why this show has stayed relevant for all of these years, but for me personally I look forward to any marathon days hoping that I would see this episode. And the funniest thing I take from that story was how Gibbs was candid enough to tell Maddie that Kelly would probably be like her, but yet he could not take her coffee. The only time MySpace seemed relevant.