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Smart, funny, and sharp., 28 January 2012

Somehow I managed to miss this whole series when it was on the air and only discovered it on DVD. Why did this get canceled?? It was great! There's so much STUPID stuff on TV these days - I REALLY don't like the 'reality' shows - and something this smartly written and wonderfully acted gets the ax? The main character in this series, Veronica Mars, was once a sweet and naive high school girl whose father was the Sheriff and her friends were the wealthy and popular kids. Then her best friend is murdered and her world falls apart - he father loses his job, her mother leaves, and Veronica is treated as a pariah at school. What she went through would have driven most people to suicide or major depression at the least. Instead, "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" Veronica transforms herself into a smart and tough modern-day version of Nancy Drew. She comes to the rescue, rights wrongs, and protects the weak.... cross her at your own peril!

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I was disappointed, 28 January 2012

If you haven't read the book you MIGHT like the movie. If you've read and loved the books this movie leaves a lot to be desired.

I suppose the MAIN part of the plot is the same but the details are scrambled or in some cases completely left out. Maybe I'm in the minority but a lot of the really funny stuff in the book was in the details and these parts got lost in the translation to the big screen. There was nothing too extreme in the book that might not have fit in the PG-13 rating so why did they change so many things? It was like the added more dialog in places and took out the fun and exciting stuff. Time shouldn't have been the reason either because the movie ran only an hour and a half - if they'd gone for two they could have had a much better (and closer to the book) adaptation.

I didn't care for the casting. Lula, Connie, and Vinnie matched the book descriptions of the characters fairly well but everyone else was off. It was like the casting director didn't read the book.

I'm disappointed because I had high hopes for the movie. I won't be buying the DVD or going to any sequels. Really, I think they'd have been better off to cast all unknowns that FITTED the characters and stuck to the plot from the book - it would have had a better shot.