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These are a few of the sweetest people in Hollywood, which is very rare!!
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At 80, the last screen idol and world's greatest living actor is retiring. Do not miss these classic films! 8 Academy Award Nominations and winner of a Lifetime Special Achievement Oscar, as well as countless other awards.
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Best on down.
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If you do not own these titles, you have not seen truly great television!
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Here is the ever unpopular truth. For 35 years the Northern States of America taxed the Southern States into oblivion. Most of the USA's money was made in the south via cotton,sugar and tobacco. The military-Industrial complex of the north wanted the wealth of the south. The north had no interest in freeing slaves and Lincoln only used this as propeganda when the north was losing the war. The southerners fought to protect their families and land. When the north had finally raped and pillaged and burned the south to the ground, they wrote a fictonal history that is still continued in films today....that the south were bad people who owned slaves and the north were good people who did not. The truth is a bit different. 56% of all slaves had northern owners, including the likes of Ulysses S. Grant! Now, southerners are VAMPIRES! And another vomit bag Speilberg Lincoln film filled with the usual lies is on it's way. So here is the only civil war related film that holds some truth "The Outlaw Josey Wales" starring Clint Eastwood. It is time we started seeing some films about the countless southern heroes of the Civil War!! Get with it Hollywood!
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