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(for my Kid)
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Good or Just plain Hot. Actress, Tv personalities, celebrities and any other women that are smoking.
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Well, actually they are not must see, however I loved some, enjoyed some and others filled time during this short existence. Lately watching doc's have made fiction movies boring. Many of these you can find free online or in your netflix instant queue. You can find some really good sites by getting on the "googles" and searching online documentaries. Evenually I'm going break the Doc list up by genre. Hope you find a gem or two!
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Mostly "Sci Fi" and Post apocalyptic / Dystopia TV series. Not all are necessarily series and may not fit in the exact genre I listed above. I have these listed in order.
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These are movies I have watched. I also included my favorite films. I still need to put them in order.
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Still compiling my list. Several are not listed on imbd. I try to stay away from any abduction stories or crop circles where there is no evidence.