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Skyfall (2012)
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Two and a half hour wasted, 15 November 2012

The movie was lacking whatever a movie has to have. The plot was a total cliché and easily predictable. To me, the 'bad' guy and his attitude was a poor counterfeiter of Joker (in Dark Night). I could not stop myself thinking about the budget allocation, where did all the money go? Probably spent on tuxedos and suits otherwise there was no breathtaking costly scene or something. The voice quality was horrible, I had to stick out my ears because not everyone is spoon eared like James Bond.

All in all, it was not entertaining, nor a thriller, rather I felt it was a set-up to kill my hours and take my money.

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overdue finale, 22 May 2012

First thing first, It really didn't live up to the expectation, It never does. Because It is heartbreaking to see such a breathtaking series coming to an end. But I have to say, to me the only thing mattered in this show was him, Gregory House. It has always been a pleasure watching him, how witty he was, how good at putting words, solving cases and in the end of the day regardless of how many lives he saves, he was the one suffering. Miserable he was. He was real, so real. Regarding the Finale, It should have happened already in the seventh season, that way It would have made more sense than what we got, or could get should I say. All in all, despite of the finale and Dr.Park, House was really fun to watch, by House I mean Gregory House.