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Hamtaro (2000– )
I think the show would be better if the show was more Boss heavy.
11 July 2003
If you want wacky off the wall entertainment may i highly recommend this action/comedy/drama. The star of this show is pretty cool but is highly out classed by his fellow ham-ham Boss (the field ham). The outsider afraid to involve himself with others really steals the show. A tourmented soul really he lived alone and followed his own rule, "Only look out for number 1" ya know why he lived by his rule... because it's the only one that would work, thats why! He seemed all alone until a fellow ham-ham Bijou a hampster from France stole something of his...his heart. Their relationship is a forever changing and evolving friendship. Don't write off this master peice because it stars hampsters. They will steal your heart, you'll laugh you'll cry and best of all it's fun for all ages. If you liked Memphis Belle than you'll love this show too.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)
11 July 2003
See the one huge fall backs of the show all this other stuff she spent her time on. Ware wolfs and bogie men, get to the vampire slaying! If I was a citizen of Sunnydale i wouldn't care about OOHH willow is gay she shouldn't have time to think about her own pleasure she should be out slaying vampires. Listen the name of the show is "Buffy THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" If i lived in that town i would watch my neck, literally because buffy seems preoccupied with babysitting every little demon that comes her way. If it was my choice i would have had her join up with two wise cracking pun spinning vampire hunters. They could slay vampires with their stakes and slay us with their sweet puns! ie Waiter have you tried the STAKE!!! Bam! no more vampire but there wouldn't be a dry eye in the room. And what if some rich vampire comes back to his mansion and asks his maid so how was the dusting? then Buffy could be all like " pretty good, BUT I MISSED A SPOT" then he wold be all like "OOww you know thats not what i Nice huh? WOuldn't that have made for a better movie? Also could have used more dawn.
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Mama's Family (1983–1990)
One of the best shows ever
11 July 2003
When i first was turned onto the show by... well i don't want to give out any names lets just call him Chad M. no thats too obvious lets call him C. McClure. Anyways when he showed me this seris at first i was like grow up dude. But it's like a rash at first it's mildly irritating but then it becomes a part of you! Being just about the funniest thing since P.U.N.K.S. this "off the wall comedy" shows that she may nt be happy with it but it is Mama's Family. You get what you get and you just have to make due. Mama seems to be the only level headed one in this entire family. Everyone always wrapped up in their own bussiness and try to get rich quick. Mama always trys and stops them but no matter how hard she tries they just do the oposite anyways. I'll give you the fact that mama can lose her head sometimes but people she is only human. Thank you channel 55 for playing an hour of this everymorning it's worth waking up two hours early! That and an hour of saved by the bell afterwards i say if you wouldn't wake up early for this block of comedy you might need to have a good talk with mama.
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I guess it was kind of good
15 December 2002
The movie isn't just about irish folk tales. The youngest boy has to move to a small town and learn to accept his fathers death. And who better to help him then Alex. She plays the real smart child. Who's she trying to kid? The two children spend their summer with an old Irish man named Mr. O'Conners played by radar himself. I hope nobody has any problems with the accent. It was well done but in the back of your head you knew it was fake. The two children will learn to look at the world around them with a new view. The young boy has a sister who is having trouble living in the new town. I mean a town with out a mall whatever. With funny little moments like ferry rings where you could get stuck dancing for seven years. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Mr. O'Conners has a heart attack. The young boy figures out a way to save to save him by finding an old flute Mr. O'Conners had had stolen from him. By the way the flute was for the fairy king...Kinky. I highly endorse this product or event. If you don't have anything to do for a while either pray or watch this movie but either way this is as close to heaven as you can get.
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Gary & Mike (2001– )
Comedy for ages 13+
12 November 2002
This show is about two guys traveling around the country in a car they got just after two fat people just had it in the car. Mike is way too uptight and really wants to grow up on this trip. Gary is a free loading guy who just mooches off Mike in a big way. My hero. Their life revolves around funny circumstances that would be horrible to any real person, I think that's why it's great their in clay. It's the only way to keep reminding you that it's funny because they're not real. Sit back for a great ride with the not so flamboyant Gary and Mike. As Television show goes this is just about the best one I've seen in a long time.
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This movie will make you laugh and think about life.
12 November 2002
Starring one of the funniest people alive Tucker gets in a bad deal with some Typical Italian Mobsters. In an effort to get away he ends up beating an old woman to get to safety (be honest who hasn't once or twice?). Then posing as the headmistress of an all girl school he turns things upside down for everybody, but especially himself or should I say herself? Watch out when Tucker gets caught by the mob and promises all the reward money that the school would receive if the girls can manage to put their differences aside and work as a team. What will Tucker do, will he get off Scott free you'll have to find out by watching this movie. If you're like me and are far too cheap to go rent the movie then wait for Disney Channel to play it. It's worth the wait trust me on this one. I thought it was great David Day thought it was the best movie ever. If you like this then check out Gary and Mike. That is perfection in it's finest.
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P.U.N.K.S. (1999)
Even Better Than I Expected
27 October 2002
After watching the hit Disney Movie Brink my expectations where pretty high, but P.U.N.K.S. came threw in big strides. Now my favorite character wasn't in the movie very much. I have tried to imitate his life as much as possible. He is the little actor who beat out the main character for president. I believe he can be seen on Malcolm in the Middle and the newest series of All That. This movie is great for parties and I highly recommended this. At first we where all against it but once we watched we laughed and cried.
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Really good
27 October 2002
American History X deals with a family whose oldest son just gets back from prison. This guy is a poster boy for white power in California. This movie lets you see something about their world that you don't ever get to see. Normally when you see any kind of nazi on film it's either some blonde haired blue-eyed strong child or some fat German with a scar on his face. This movie lets you see a real world of hate and a different point of view than most people have.
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It's a really good dark comedy
27 October 2002
The Dude is basically a loser he has to write checks milk and has a car that's worth about fifty dollars. His life takes an unexpected turn when he is put between a rock and a hard place. The dude is in really big trouble, but whatever he's the dude. I thought this was a really good movie not some predictable Julia Roberts movie. It has major plot turns and anything can happen.
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As Spoofs go it's the best
27 October 2002
This sequel out does the first by leaps and bounds. Topper is back and this time he is fighting the Iraqi. After a noble piece prize-winning scientist who invented the artificial appendix is kidnapped Topper is sent in to rescue the scientist and the other rescue teams. This is a comedy with slapstick and just all around impossible happenings including the part where Saddam gets his `fun stick' stuck in a hand vacuum. If there is one word to describe this movie it's classy.
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