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Wonderful Christmas Movie, 22 December 2011

Love Melissa Gilbert in everything she does and once again she brings a wonderful story to life with an exceptional cast of actors. The story covers every emotion and has lots of sentiment. Of course it's a Christmas movie so it's going to have a lot of predictability but I for one love holiday movies and it's the type of movie you watch over and over as it's so entertaining. I'm a mush for Robert Mailhouse and the actress who plays his daughter is very charming. Can't say anything but good things here and it will make you wish you lived in a town just like the one pictured here where kindness and warmth prevail. Loved seeing the cameo of Steve Lawrence as well,he looked great. You won't be disappointed. I've watched it 4 times already. Enjoy:)

Her Perfect Spouse (2004) (TV)
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Love this movie, 22 September 2010

I loved this movie, To say Tracy Nelson is not a good actress is nuts. I think she's totally believable and a great actress. The movie had me on the edge of my seat. Tracy did the part like it was written,maybe she could of gotten out of the situation as some other reviewer said but that's not how the writers wrote her character. The actor who played the husband was absolutely nuts but played the part terrific. I was totally for Tracys character, she loved her husband and loved the child they were having together. He even killed their child making her have a miscarriage. This is the type of movie that gets you nuts but is fun to watch. I definitely want to add it to my collection!

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This movie rocked!, 21 September 2010

This movie is one of my most favorite Tori Spelling movies yet. It's suspenseful and action packed. Tori and Ivan are so hot together and when he goes nuts it's great acting all the way. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the movie and Ivan even though he turns into a psycho was hard to hate because he's so attractive. Theirs so much in this movie to take in I hated to see it end. The sound track at the beginning was awesomely haunting and I definitely want to purchase this movie on DVD for my collection. Anyone who says Tori can't act is nuts. I think she's great and I love to see her in these type movie, she always gets to act with such adorable actors and show so many emotions. I give this movie a ten for sure!!!

Awake to Danger (1995) (TV)
Loved this movie, 21 September 2010

You guys who say Tori can't act are nuts!!! I loved this movie and Tori and Reed were great in it. The writing may of been a little silly in some places but Tori rocked. Her relationship with her dad and Reed as her physical therapist were totally believable. Their was loads of suspense and I was hooked immediately. Michael Gross as her dad was very good as well, he plays psychos and mad men very well.It's nice departure from his days on "Family Ties". Reed Diamond is so very sexy and his character and Tori's go very well together. I'm looking to purchase this movie on DVD if anyone knows where I could purchase it please let me know.