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My personal best movies of 2016. The list will be update up until everything came out on bluray.
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Set at the end of the 90's and how Natasha join the rank of the shield and leave the KGB. Nick Fury lost is eye to Ivan Petrovich. No character written mean unspecified role.
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This is my personnal list of actor would i want to see in a new Batman movie after The Dark Knight Rises. I did not take people from the previous movies for the big role's, because it would be to easy. Also, the people have to be available to play their role. Feel free to leave comment and suggestion except saying that i s**k because Christian Bale and Heath Ledger can't be replace. I love them both and having Bale back could be awesome but he's not so... Didn't put a director because i don't see Ben Affleck direct a Batman movie at the same time of playing the bat and Darabont is not in his style with this movie.
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The best movies from 2013 to have come out in theaters.
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Those are my personal choice off the worst movies of all-time.
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My favorite movie of 2011
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My personal best movies since the beginning of the year.