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Disappointment for Me, 6 May 2012

Might not be disappointing for others but it was for me....I thought Aamir would be bring up something different..never aired before kinda show..but this is again one or the others....I would have thought of bringing unleash talented of India..kinda hidden somewhere because of poverty, unlucky or universities which couldn't identify their work as "Pattern to change the world" and now they are lost!!..As Aamir was kinda moving across India to find something...NOT GOOD!! Shows like Zindagi Live in IBN 7 are already doing stuffs exactly like this....!!! Aamir as an actor has that potential, the potential to change the world. He thinks differently. God has bestowed him everything to make that change. We should have a show in India to bring up those talented person (A Beautiful Mind) who either has went into darkness of corrupted India or busy to earn bread & butter for his family. I thought of this show to be one of them...As again one or other the show is good!!