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Take it or leave it., 25 July 2016

Not terrible not great. Very formulaic in its way. A sprawling cast where you rarely have a chance to focus on this or that particular character. Mostly it's rapid fire anarchy and a hand held shot for its own sake. We're supposed to be swept up in it but every moment is the same as any other. It's people addicted to their own chaos. But in the end when you strip out all the noise it's a very mundane story of a poor overworked grifter with a heart of gold Fiona. This show is Fiona first and last. Fiona the brave Fiona the noble Fiona the proud Fiona the caregiver Fiona the girlfriend Fiona the proxy wife and mother. Fiona complains about how poor she is and then proceeds to scream at and reject anyone who tries to help her. As long as she can have sex with them first. And the bizarre criminal wannabe boyfriend who's too dumb to take no for and answer. Ever. Other than the sex, drugs, nudity, cursing and felonious behavior it's a very ordinary sitcom. Almost a throwback to the 1970s.

These people have mental illness, 10 July 2016

First off 600 Sq ft for 1 people is both small and serviceable. My weekend coop is 675 soft for 2 people who both work out of the house and it's more than adequate. But then they want to live on 5 acres or more and fill their 'home' with nothing but custom made furniture and fittings which defeats the whole purpose. In the first episode the ex8sting owner spent $15k for a floor and staircase and recommended another $15k for the (only) bathroom. If your goal is not to have mortgage you could live on hundreds of cheap places anywhere in America. No, these people have either some kind of crackpot agenda or a flat out mental disorder like OCD. These people are the flipside of hoarders.

it's not awful; it could have been accomplished in 4 episodes, 6 July 2016

First of all it's chick TV. Make no mistake this is a chick show. The only characters with above room temperature IQ are the women. Men are either idiots or cartoon evil. Even 12 year girls have more on the ball than army officers, US attorneys, hackers, hit men, anarchists and the like. Fair enough. But then we add in the global super conspiracy redolent of "The Following" and the implausible coincidences involving the main character and bizarre way one character is witness to murder and assaults in public in broad daylight in busy city streets that no one else pays attention to let alone call the cops and it goes down pretty fast. They really could have easily done this in 4 eps. By stretching it out slow burn style it's just dull, incomprehensible and cliché.

"Marcella" (2016)
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Weak effort, intentionally confusing, 3 July 2016

This has a large number of problems. The pacing is off albeit that whole "slow burn" thing where a show goes nowhere for 5 or 6 hrs at a clip is still fashionable. The characters are bizarrely thinly drawn. They are all uniquely unlikable. It has an air of utter implausibility. And they've carried the notion of red herring to extremes. Characters are air dropped in 7 and 8l at a time for each episode until you lose track of them. And most of them physically resemble of each another. You wind up feeling suckered and played because you never know who to pay attention to or what's important. And trust me if you watch this with your wife or girlfriend you will be struggling to explain literally every second of it while you're watching.

"Cuckoo" (2012/II)
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It's probably awful but that's because it has Andy Samberg, 18 April 2016

I honestly do not know. I don't like Andy Samberg. In fact I hate Andy Samberg. I loathe everything about him. His approach to acting and comedy is to literally make your skin crawl with stupid unfunny garbage until you want to shoot yourself in the face at which point Andy wants to make you feel stupid for not being as alt hipster as him. In any case he's nailed it here. Cuckoo is a character you want see beheaded by ISIS. The rest of the cast and characters are good. Greg Davies is excellent. Helen Baxendale dies yeoman service in a fairly bland role and Esther Smith as the ditzy probably half retarded narcissist daughter and wife of uber slacker zoid Cuckoo is OK as a clueless spoiled princess brat. I just don't know though. Only a few eps in and I wonder where they're going to take it? Will Cuckoo burn the house down as his wife and mother in law cheer? Who knows?

"Housos" (2011)
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Scream as loud as you can then multiply that by 10, 14 March 2016

Then add 20 more cast members who scream every word. And fill every second of every episode wall to wall with all that screaming. Then double that And double it again. Get in a fight with the cops, especially if you're drunk and pregnant. Huff glue, run down a few cops at a DUO chcheckpoint.and in your free time stand around screaming throwing bottles and do random drive bystanders at nothing about nothing. Keep screaming. Every second. I wanted to like this but I don't get it. It's like Gilmore Girls meets Benny Hill on meth with Outrageous Fortune drunk and high and committing felonies while screaming at the top of your lungs.

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Does anything ever happen? To anyone?, 12 March 2016

I thought 'Slow Burn' was over as a genre, or a joke or troll or whatever show runners did when they didn't have writers or a script. Shows like 'The Killing' blazed a trail of boredom, dullness and inaction. But it was like a shooting star, a blank, void, do nothing black hole of suck we hoped would burn out and die. But 'The Returned', like the back from the deadzoids it protrays Slow Burn is back from the Pet Seminary of bad ideas. There is nothing that happens in this show beyond the premise. You wait and you wait and you wait and....nothing. But it's not as irritating as those earlier shows because all the pretty people don't talk or say much of anything least of all stupid nonsense. Embrace the void.

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Does Baumbach hate his characters or the audience more?, 19 February 2016

Hard to tell. Did he set out to make fun of hipsters and middle aged people or does he secretly love them because they're fashionable upper middle class aesthetes, 'academics' and the cinema-class? Again hard to tell. Everyone has money and free time and no obligations....and they're miserable. And annoying. I'm kinda baffled. It's incisive in brief flashes but the dull parts that focus on dull people self referentially referring to themselves about themselves go on and on as if no one has ever discovered that most people are boring. We know they're boring. That's WHY we watch movies. We know couples that pour their lives into their kids. It's not a new thing. We know middle aged guys who are fools. But they know they're fools. If you don't know you're a fool then then you will always be a fool. A boring boring boring fool. Let's hope Noah's next movie is also about pompous intellectual film makers or maybe film critics. Or maybe college professors who teach film studies or film criticism.

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It tries SOOOOOO hard, 4 February 2016

But falls flat. It's all style and no substance at all. I mean wall to wall shaky cam? Seriously is that sill bleeding edge? Extreme closeups that are out of focus? Shots that are under 2 seconds with shaky cuts? And a sound track that's 125 years wrong? We get it. Edgy. But that's only useful if the writing is interesting. It's not. The stories are ordinary and flat. The characters are 2 dimensional at best. Once you strip the flash and noise it could be a miniseries placed anywhere at any time about anyone doing anything. There just isn't anything unique about it. The dialog is weak and you're supposed to understand the Lizzie character is a misunderstood evil super genius. Doesn't anyone do a head check to see who's missing? Ever? Nope. Anyway nothing ever happens every scene is close up two people talking trivial nonsense to each other and there's almost no plot. After a decade of the awful 'Slow Burn' trope we'd think that would be so 10 minutes ago, but no it lives with extreme overkill shaky cam, flash cuts, and a soundtrack from he'll with Lizzie Borden.

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Very cute I didn't event want to like it but did, 31 January 2016

I saw this and immediately thought it would be an insufferable rehashing of the movie. It's not. It's better. The timing is good, the casting is excellent and it's truly funny. Having said that women don't come off very well in this show. They're either stupid like all of Will's dates, angry harpies like his best friend's wife, or Fiona. And Fiona's character is a terrible human being and will likely be murdered in her sleep by Marcus someday. Anyway, it's a good show and the fact that it got canceled is probably a good thing because it would have been terrible in a 3rd season like every other show in the history of sitcoms

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