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Pimp (2010)
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Inflammatory Content, Vaguely Interesting Story, 29 May 2010

The film Pimp is characterized by comical violence and sexuality that pushes the viewers good taste -- I advise people to only watch this if they do not mind such extreme content.

The style of filming is interesting and unorthodox, and some of the cinematic work was pleasing. The storyline jumps around a lot and demands the viewer to pay close attention to different plot changes.

I found it to be entertaining in its own way, although sometimes apparently crude for the mere sake of being crude. However, if you approach the film with this knowledge and view it just as some light entertainment it is not that bad of a film.

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Nothing Remarkable, 24 March 2007

The comedy really does nothing original and follows a very predictable script. There were few things that happened which you could not predict -- if you have seen more than a handful of movies chances are you have seen this film before. It is the same plot line as any other comedy.

About halfway through the film I got sick of the plot line all together and was merely waiting for it to end.

Dane Cook is reasonably funny though personally he was not even the funniest in this film. Some of the comedy is worth a chuckle but overall it is a film that I would recommend people pass over without regretting.

Alphaville (1965)
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An Honest Masterpiece, 24 March 2007

When watching a Godard film one has to be in a certain mood -- it is best done sitting cross legged while wearing a striped shirt with a bottle of Cognac and an infinite supply of overpriced cigarettes. This one is stereotypically rough and hard to swallow all at once: a sort of symphony of ideas mating with a certain ruggedness brought to the screen by Godard.

It is shot beautifully yet not in a dishonest fashion -- the close-ups of Natasha and Ivan's faces are excellent and honest to their features; the film could never be popular portraying the pockmarked and wrinkled features of Eddie Constantine. Godard gives you what you want (that is, if you want the truth).

Full of excellent quips and quotations -- a spoof of a genre yet at the same time a flattering to it in its' own right.

Godard is a genius and you should watch this film, to put it simply.

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Quality Dialogue, Well Shot, 23 March 2007

'Behind The Sun' finds itself rather lost in its' own imagery -- albeit very lovely imagery. It is undeniable that the film is beautifully shot but I think that the story, at times, is left a little blank. It left me wanting a lot filled in... I was burning with questions that essentially were left unanswered.

Sometimes that is an artistic way of presenting a film but in this case it was just annoying. I think the director was trying to communicate much of the story without words but was not doing that excellent of a job of it.

However, the acting is outstanding and the dialogue is impressive. They're the backbone of the film.

The setting felt limited and at times stuffy... But by and large, the beautiful cinematography and the quality dialogue made up for the lack of the rest. Worth a watch.

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Worth A WAtch, But Not Much More, 15 March 2007

I remember watching half of this and turning it off for whatever reason. It can be kind of stale due to the fact that a lot of this is soft core pornography -- it would be more appropriate to talk about how this actually qualifies as art as opposed to something that would be shown on Cinemax at 2 AM.

The film is very stereotypically Japanese in the sense that it involves a lot of dramatic, well planned shots that are minimalistic, often focusing on the human face or on abstract objects of importance. It was filmed tenderly and with an amount of love, but I feel the direction of cinematography and the direction of the film itself were a little contrived and a little too fast.

Unfortunately, the majority of the film takes place in one set and that slowly wore on my nerves. Having little change of scenery the film becomes quite stuffy at parts.

The film goes on to try to portray the depths of human emotion and sadness, while at the same time maintaining the insanity of its' subject... I found her hard to relate to and the writer or director should have taken a fundamentally different angle being that it just was not working with the mix they were using. It was hard to arouse any sympathy being that the scenes trying redeem her moral character were hardly long enough.

I found myself wanting to know more about Sada Abe and less about the incidences the film surrounded. In that sense, the film really isn't about a woman called Sada Abe -- it should be called 'a crazy thing Sada Abe once did.' However, the film is not all bad... It is certainly shocking in some scenes, and it is certainly worthy of a view if you have an interest in Japanese film. However, it is not worthy of more.

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Something Was Lacking, 2 July 2005

As I followed this film from beginning to end, I enjoyed the revelations of the various twists and I felt that the film even seemed to have a natural and proper progression to it, but at the same time, I felt that there was something very large missing. I think that the director ended up inserting the punchlines with too much subtlety, and the acting was too routine, while the action was too constant to be shocking or surprising... Whatever it may be, the film was lacking something large. The combination of all of the above seems to kill the feeling and plot of the film.

I couldn't help but feel utterly indifferent in some parts of the film which are supposed to be exciting and thrilling, and this caused the film to let me down. I am not sure who is to blame, but in the end, this interesting plot with a lot of potential turned into 'just another movie.'

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Far Better Than Usual, 11 June 2005

I particularly enjoyed this film because it seemingly broke a lot of the stereotypes that one sees in films, and in some instances really took things to the edge, displaying scenes that were particularly gory and extreme.

The development of the story was done very well, and injected with good amounts of terror and horror. The director held no punches with this film, focusing on delivering you the most explicit film that he could.

Overall, a very good film that stands out a bit more than others of its' genre. Definitely good for a change and a film that I would recommend anyone watch if they have the free time.

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Kung Fu With Mass Appeal, 28 May 2005

Upon hearing about this film I became skeptical of the idea of a comedy based around Kung Fu, and I worried that a good job would not be done and that it would be quite a struggle to enjoy with the drama mixed in. I was proved wrong -- I found that the film was magniciently sequenced from beginning to end, with very interesting and innovative fight scenes, as well as with the proper comic relief.

The acting was very professional and genuine, with the characters being portrayed well. It was easy to become sucked into the story with the terrific acting of everyone involved.

The story was top, with each new twist and turn making me more interested in the plot of the film as a whole. When the film ended, I was left fulfilled with the story and quite excited about the whole ordeal, hoping that more work along these lines would be done in the future. A tremendous triumph for cinema.

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Quite Mediocre, 28 May 2005

Though this film was riddled with occasionally funny portions, I found that overall much of the humor was offensive and predictable. A lot of the material was not original and seemed as if it was rehashed, had been done before many a time.

Furthermore, it seemed s if within the humor of the film they occasionally lost track of the main plot of the film. Plus, the plot was so dry and drawn out that one almost wished that they had totally thrown it out the window and ran without it. There were also rather surreal moments of corniness that jolted me, being suddenly taken into the realm of the melodramatic after laughing at some juvenile humor.

Overall, the film was not well put together and not that funny for a comedy. Not a great accomplishment. I do not really recommend anyone to see this film.

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Documentary Without An Edge, 12 March 2005

When I heard the premise for the film I was immediately convinced to go out and watch it as soon as I could, but after viewing it I could not say that I was very impressed by the film as a whole.

Although the premise is very unique and the film is done with interesting cinematography, I really felt as if somehow Briski and Kauffmen somehow were able to make a documentary about a Calcutta Red Light district and take away the edge. I expected to see more grimy, real, and disgusting images that were meant to shock the viewer and just what these children were exposed to, but instead the overwhelming majority of the film does not involve any of this.

In many ways, it seemed to be more about overcoming the problems of the children than the actual problems of the children. It flirted too much with the shock-value it has as being about the Red Light district, but did not fully confront it. I was quite disappointed.

However, it was fairly well-done and the film was still interesting as a whole. But if you are expected to be shocked or provoked, do not watch this film -- in this aspect, the film is disappointing.

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