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This is a list of my favourite movies of all time so far, please let me know if there are awesome movies that haven't made this list because I probably haven't seen them. I'm 20 and have only started watching serious movies in 2011. My list is constantly changing and no movie is in a fixed position. Also I am very aware that there are Foreign movies out there. I am soon going to be watching a fare few foreign movies. Also I am also going to be watching some older movies from the 40's, 50's etc. Please leave a comment as i will eventually reply back to you. If you have a imdb list that you would like me to look at please feel free to post it as i will look at it eventually.

This list isn't supposed to be a copy of IMDb's Top 250 or anything like that. I know there might be a couple of movies that might not suit everybody but for some reason I enjoy them.

These are the categories which i have rated movies on imdb they range from 10 - 9. Also just to let everybody know i have rated over 2000+ movies on imdb and these are my top 250. They are in order in which i think is best

1 - 250 = 10/10

A list of every movie i've seen:

Above is the link to every movie I have seen, I will be updating that list often more than this one.

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