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Unholy Matrimony (1988) (TV)
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I was an extra on the movie set, 22 October 2008

I'm not sure where the movie was filmed except some of the the court room scenes. They were filmed in downtown Phoenix, AZ in the old courthouse across the street from Maricopa County Superior Court where I worked for 5 years. I took vacation for a week to be on the set as an extra and had a full change of clothes for each day of the courtroom filming. Sometimes, they filmed 2 days in one 8-hour day so it was something of mayhem.

It was an interesting experience. I was part of the courtroom audience and sat behind Charles Durning who later danced the tango with me in the hallway during a break. Awesome experience! Richard Cox and I discussed the many different dialects for the Southern cultures (he represented a Southern lawyer in the movie) and Michael O'Keefe gave me an autograph but wasn't up for much discussion. Patrick Duffy called me "Sarge" the whole week because I'm a veteran :) Very nice fella.

I'm thinking parts of the movie were also filmed in New Orleans but I'm not really sure. I watched the movie when it hit the airwaves and walked away from it feeling like they left some vital parts out of the story although I had never read or heard of it as it seemed a bit inconsistent and left me with a lot of questions. Based on the other reviews here, seems like I might benefit from reading the book.