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I love Lincoln Heights!, 20 October 2008

I have to say that I love Lincoln Heights . I've been following it ever since Season one.It's a great show for the whole family.A modern version of The Cosby show family/new york under cover combined together sort of thing.I don't know what was being thought about when this was being put together because it is well put together.I hope that this last a long time.We need a show like this that brings up the ups and downs of life.It has a lot of episodes that any family can relate to. Comes to show you that life is not crystal ball. The Suttons really try their best to keep their family together. Show also teaches people that everyone is human no matter what mistakes they've made in life. With all being said and done in this show,I hope the character list grows and the show ends up being even more successful than it is now. I will be watching Lincoln heights this week as always...I try not to miss a minute of it because not a minute of this show is dull.I'd just like to say thank you to those who created it.