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If you have a small daughter, sister, niece etc., you should make some popcorn or cupcakes or scones and watch one of these together.

Also - give silent comedies a try. My 5-year-old sister adores Harold Lloyd.
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I have only included adaptations that:

-Can (hopefully) be found on DVD or VHS

-Take place within the original settings of the books - i.e. no modern retellings. Dickens' cultural legacy is so immense, this list would simply become too unwieldy if I tried to include all of the modern retellings of his stories.
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Disclaimer: this is a personal and highly subjective list. I never really "got" the Marlon Brando thing. Or the Clark Gable thing. Or the Brad Pitt thing, or the Ryan Gosling thing, etc. etc. I leave it you to decide whether my taste in men is good, terrible, or peculiar. Here are the actors who have "it", as far as I'm concerned.

Not necessarily in order.

Created as a companion piece to this list.
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If you could gladly listen to him read the phone book for hours, he belongs on this list.

If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment!
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Men with lethal bone structure.

In no particular order.

Update: Racist? Really? Yes, this list is comprised primarily of Skinny White Dudes. Guess what? Skinny White Dudes tend to have sharply defined cheekbones!
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Classically, naturally beautiful English actresses.
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Disclaimer: this is a personal and highly subjective list. I never really "got" the Marlon Brando thing. Or the Clark Gable thing. Or the Brad Pitt thing, or the Ryan Gosling thing, etc. etc. Maybe I have strange taste in men; maybe I have excellent (or terrible) taste in men. Regardless, here are the actors who have "it", as far as I'm concerned.

Not necessarily in order.

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Some of the handsomest male stars of Old Hollywood (<1960), in no particular order.

It may be irreverent to refer to the likes of Sir Laurence Olivier and Marlon Brando as "babes", but it is also indisputably accurate.
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"Sumptuous" - a word inextricably and sometimes tiresomely associated with period pieces. Here are some titles that are genuinely deserving of the word.
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Women of elegance, charm, grace, and intelligence.
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Irresistibly feminine faces and figures.
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Because sometimes, innocent romances can be a breath of fresh air in our jaded and hyper-sexualised culture.

All the titles on this list have an IMDb user rating of 6.0 or higher.

Disclaimer: different people will have different ideas as to what constitutes a "clean" romance. My guidelines for this list were: no sex scenes, and minimal swearing/crass humour. You should still exercise discretion if you were planning on watching one of these with a maiden aunt or young niece, etc.
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A small country that punches well above its weight in the industry.
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Minus 1D and Kpop. . .
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Young (or young-ish) British actors currently making waves on both sides of the pond - and ruining the lives of fangirls worldwide.
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*Work in progress*

Established stars and talents to watch.
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Period dramas of a vaguely similar feel and format (i.e., serialised) to Downton Abbey. Some are distinguished literary adaptations, others are unabashedly sudsy.
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Not even sorry.
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A decade in fashion.
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Actors of note who have appeared in Austen-related films and TV series. If you feel I've made any important omissions, please leave a comment! I have not included actors from modern retellings of Austen's novels (e.g. Clueless, Bridget Jones). One must draw the line somewhere!

To avoid confusion, I will refer to the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma as "Emma 1996 (ITV)" and the Gwyneth Paltrow version as "Emma 1996 (Miramax)".
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-In my opinion.

-Not in order

-I have only included women who are alive today (otherwise, this list would feature stars of the 30s, 40s, and 50s very heavily)
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Teen films that are (generally somewhat loosely) based on classic works of literature.
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Actresses who - hallelujah! - avoid the Oompah-Loompah look, and instead show that naturally fair skin can be beautiful, too.
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Underrated or obscure period dramas that deserve wider appreciation.
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Hunky heroes, spunky heroines, and always a huge cast of wonderful supporting characters. Here are the talented actors who play them - the faces we have come to associate with period drama.

This list is a work in progress. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment.
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Actors who studied at Eton College
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*Work in progress*

I have tried to include a wide variety of films and series - therefore, even films with extensive photo galleries on IMDb are represented by only a few pictures. The IMDb photo pages for the following titles contain many more pictures:

Marie Antoinette
Downton Abbey
My Fair Lady
The Borgias
The Tudors
The Phantom of the Opera
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
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Every Austen adaptation that is available to watch today.
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Every adaptation of the Brontë sisters' works that is available to watch today - as well as a couple of notable exceptions - or rather, glaring omissions.