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Rex (2009) (TV)
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Great, 23 August 2009

I must say that I am a little bias towards liking the show, as I'm a pretty avid Simon Rex, aka Dirt Nasty, fan.

But all biases aside, this really is a good idea, and I think that this show could go very far and become VERY popular.

Simon Rex is a very funny person, just listen to his music or watch him and Andy Milonakis on Youtube. He's also not the best actor. Not a bad actor, but nothing special either. However, in a show where he basically has to act as himself, I think his strengths and weaknesses combine to create a very funny on screen persona, one that isn't too far from the truth. The show itself is great. It's a lot like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but it's geared towards a much younger crowd and seems to play more relevance in today's media. What I believe will be everybody's favorite part are the wonderful cameo performances from Paris Hilton, Lance Bass, and Jamie Lee Presley really drive the show, and from what I've heard, there's a good amount of other celebrities lined up to do the show.

My only beef on the show has to do with the production. The camera shots are good, so is the acting, but the music and the slides that say what's happening in words, is a little cheesy. It's like a really high quality Youtube video, but it needs some tweaking before it gets on TV.

Regardless, watch it. Remember that it's only a PILOT that was aired over the INTERNET. So don't expect any Emmy performances. But I guarantee that if you sit back and relax, you'll enjoy it.

I give this, at this stage, a 7/10.

However, I could see this idea getting even better.

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It's just not that good, 13 June 2009

To start off, this show is no King of the Hill. After watching the first four episodes consecutively, I am left with sadness and a feeling that the legacy and comedy of King of the Hill will not be coming back into this show. It is true that all good things must come to an end at some point, but that is not to say that The Goode Family isn't a good thing. It does have it's high points, such as poking fun at what is now considered to be the good American mentality, has characters that resemble King of the Hill characters (i.e. their neighbor who resembles Hank Hill in almost all ways except he's black), realistic animation such as that in King, as well as some plain old funny moments. But it's not laugh out loud funny. There's no crazy moments or situations that drive the episodes, and the characters are hard to get into.

I know I've compared this show to King of the Hill a lot, but quite frankly it's all I can think of. Even if I had never seen King I'd still probably say the same stuff as mentioned above. The show isn't genius. It had a wonderful idea and when I heard about the characters' personalities I thought that the show had a great chance. But it's just not that good. But at this point in the game it's a little to early to tell,

Shame on FOX for getting rid of one of the, if not the greatest animated comedy of all time.

The Island (2005)
An underrated gem, 2 May 2009

This is not a perfect or near perfect movie, nor does it have the besting acting in it.

However it has an intriguing story line and definitely one of the better movie plots that I've seen in a good while. The visuals are stellar and deserve five stars in themselves.

This has since it came out been one of my top ten favorite movies. However it deserves no more than 7-71/2 stars. Being that it lacks acting and strong writing, I can't give it many more points.

However it is definitely 110% worth your while to see this movie. I guarantee you'll have a blast.

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A Flawless Spectacle of Imagination and Ingenuity, 2 May 2009

This movie is not just any great motion picture, it is a piece of art. It is by far the best animated picture that I have ever seen, much better than any of those artsy "indie films" or any of the other big budget Disney pictures. I had originally not wanted to see this movie, I'm not much of a fan of animation, however I was told over and over that this one was different. When I think of the days that I said no to myself for refusing to even give this movie a shot I hit myself over the head in anger. Yes this movie is that good.

Don't let it's Disney title shy you away from seeing this movie, or making you gravitate towards it. See it in hopes of really witnessing history, of really witnessing something magical. Words cannot describe the overwhelming emotions that may come to you during of after the movie.

This is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time, if not the favorite.

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A masterful show that should never be forgotten, 16 February 2009

King of the Hill is quite possibly the greatest animated television shows ever created. It has clever humor that will keep you chuckling several days later and a set of characters that are beautifully crafted to create an excellent story. Some people scorn the show saying it's racist/stereotyping or simply not funny. First off it is not racist towards any race. It often pokes fun at the stereotypes surrounding different cultures. Second, to those who find it unfunny, you are simple minded and do not see the genius of Mike Judge's humor. He has created a world of incredible characters, puns, and other modes of humor. People that don't like this show probably (not to be rude) are fans of Family Guy and believe that its humor is the best. Not to say that FG isn't funny, but KOTH is masterful.

King of the Hill- 10/10, if I could I'd give it a 12/10- it's that good.

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Over-Hyped, 14 October 2008

People will probably shoot me down for this, but honestly this movie was VERY over-hyped. It seemed as though the director simply made this movie for the very purpose of exploiting the sheer acting power of Daniel Day Lewis. His performance was phenomenal, however the movie itself was very lacking. The overall themes and plot-lines were very interesting and could have made an excellent movie, one that could have rivaled The Godfather, or one that could have rocked America. However the director crapped out. Many of the scenes are way too prolonged to the extent where the overall message of the scenes were shadowed by the length of the scenes. Also it was way to subliminal. I was talking to my friends father one day about the movie, saying that it was too subliminal. He assumed that I just wasn't "intellectual enough" or "too young" to understand the themes. However that was not the case, the themes are fairly easy too understand, however it is obvious that the director tried too hard to make this an "intellectual" movie, what with the overly subliminal ways of conveying the messages that almost ruined them, and the overly contrived dialogue. Overall I'd give this movie a 6/10, but because of Daniel Day Lewis and the rest of the incredible cast, I'd give it a 7/10. Really, the acting is this films saving grace.