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A Wild, Fantastic Ride - Troma Has Done It Once Again..., 6 April 2009

This film was released by Troma Entertainment, and I loved every strange minute of it! It is a wild, fantastic ride of sex, perversion, domination, and good times at a mental institution. Yes, it's weird, blatantly shocking, and filled with all kinds of gratuitous sex and fantasy type symbolism. Well, what did you expect from a Troma release? This is a very, very eccentric movie filled equally eccentric characters! I thoroughly enjoyed all the craziness, though it's definitely not for everyone and the ending is a little predictable (but very amusing). It's a very "art-house" film, but I love the genre and the style of the film.

Faye Dunaway delivered another great performance and so did October Kingsley, though she is in almost every scene. I got a signed copy of the DVD so I am very pleased!! I will be spending many happy nights with the DVD trying to figure out exactly what the hell it all means in the true Freudian sense of the word.