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Terrific talent but needs work, 11 May 2012

The talent has been remarkable, particularly considering the population of Canada. I enjoyed the audition rounds very much, very impressive.

The judges are generally great but increasingly rehearsed in their deliveries...Martin Short & Measha are terrific as judges, brilliant really...Moccio is adequate but very mechanical

I was very disappointed with the very rehearsed and contrived semifinal rounds as an agenda was palpable throughout...It increasingly lost it's charm as it went corporate, complete with shameless plugs for being politically correct and cross marketing...That made it almost unbearable to watch as the series winds down it's first season

The host, Dina Pugliese has to be the worst aspect of the show though..Zero presence despite being attractive...A bit masculine and pathetic in her attempts at humor or spontaneity...Everything comes across contrived and rehearsed - it's uncomfortable to watch her, frankly....Incredibly irritating to the point you want to start tossing fruit at her...It'll weigh heavily into whether I watch in the future or not

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More like unlucky..., 2 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very frustrating to see yet another poor animal used by selfish people to profit under the guise of looking out 'for it's best interests'

These are wild animals pulled from their natural habitats and treated like a pet - except they aren't pets...I found the documentary massively disappointing and entirely insulting

A 'documentary' like this should be standard viewing for misguided & misinformed people who are foolish enough to try and 'adopt a pet' or profit from them in circuses, zoos or sea parks with orcas etc.

We're also condescendingly led to believe that somehow this African elephant is better off in a 'preserve' in rural Tennessee with a handful of elephants rather than the actual wild in Africa.

I love animals and this is not a heartwarming piece, it's a fool's errand packaged to generate funds in all likelihood to maintain a pointless domestic preserve

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Unrealistic, 27 January 2009

It's unfortunate that some solid acting performances were wasted on a terribly written story, IMHO...There was very little continuity and it was utterly implausible some of the exchanges between characters...Came off like a bad episode of the OC or some other network 'drama'/soap...Meg Ryan isn't bad but we never understand how she suddenly interacts with a stranger nevermind how easily she reveals so much about herself...Same applies to the daughter played by Kristen Stewart whose talents seem wasted to me in this film...The father in this movie might as well not have been in the film as he was never present even when he was on screen...Terribly miscast, IMHO...The youngest daughter seemed to be a solid actor as well...Loved seeing Olympia Dukakis in her role, funny as always