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Hindsight (2011)
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That is one good looking assassin!, 18 June 2012

I did not know anything about Hindsight (Blue Salt) before I have read the press release for the US release. After watching the trailer, I knew that I must watch it soon.

Hindsight is the romantic story of an old gangster Doo-hyeon who wants to leave the life of crime behind him with a dream to open up an restaurant. He joins a cooking class to achieve his aim and there he meets up with sweet & young Se Bin. After some hints and tips exchange about Korean cuisine, romance sparks start to fly.

This unlikely romance between the old gangster and the young girl gets really interesting as this innocent girl turns out to be a top shooter assassin. Furthermore, Doo-hyeon's old partners hire Se Bin to keep an eye on him.

Their unspoken romance gets complicated as Se Bin's female friend jumps in the mix as well and I must say that I never understood the relationship between them (Singing at a karaoke bar with handcuffs?).

As for action it is pretty intense towards the end and I always fancy sniper scenes in action movies. I agree with the comment that the action scenes of this movie resembles Beyond Hypothermia. Besides Doo-hyeon handles himself well while fighting some bad guys too.

If you are expecting an all out action movie you might get disappointed as most of the scenes of Hindsight are not action scenes. But if you take this movie for what it is you can really enjoy it.

Hindsight (Blue Salt) Nothing groundbreaking but worth watching.

Not as good as the first, 4 June 2012

I went crazy when I have found out that a sequel to my guilty pleasure Score exists. After a brief waiting period I had the chance to watch it.

First of all I must say that Score 2: The Big Fight (I have not seen the Big Title anywhere) is nowhere good as the first one. Some of the guys from the first one play unrelated roles in Score 2 but there is no connection at all.

What made Score a great movie is straight ripping of off Hollywood blockbusters and more importantly the shootouts that would make John Woo or Johnny To proud. In Score 2 I found neither.

I mean lack of copying Hollywood is OK but the shootouts just were not up to the standard set by the first one so I got really disappointed. This does not mean that the action is bad but not nearly there.

As for the story it is as ridiculous as it comes but hey this is Score series. I mean who would hide the money there ? Exactly.

The characters were all cool especially the stunning Japanese gal and Hitoshi Ozawa with terrible mullet. The corrupt cops were quite funny as well. How about the police squad with shotguns ? Scary!!!

If you do not expect much from Score 2 you can enjoy it. I still prefer the first one, I might give it another go soon

Confusing at first, amazing at last, 30 May 2012

Rock n' Roll Cop is mainly about "1997" fear in Hong Kong and reflects the society's view toward China and the Chinese at that point in time. This film is very successful in getting its point across by the end of the film.

I am very fortunate (or not depending on how you look at things) to watch Ocean Shores Laserdisc as it is the longest version available yet but the English subtitles have disappeared from the screen more than several times. The subtitles were so-so with occasional translation errors but that does not make the movie unwatchable at all.

Anyway back to the movie. I guess the film is named Rock n' Roll Cop mainly to the leather jacket wearing, guitar playing Antony Wong complete with long hair and the goatie. Wong's character represents the modern and hip Hong Kong Society against the formal suit wearing Chinese cops with their ties and white socks.

The story begins with a murder complete with unnecessary violence which I won't spoil at a rainy night in China. The murderers are real psychopaths and they commit another crime in Hong Kong and Antony Wong is sent to investigate in China in cooperation with Chinese police officers.

What happens afterwards is mainly about the cultural clash between HK cop and Chinese cops. It is obvious that these to are not seeing eye to eye. The Chinese even call him "Honkie"!!! But the best scene in the movie has to be the one that Hsing-kuo Wu plays a song with Pipa (a Chinese music instrument) and Antony Wong plays along with his guitar. That is what I call symbolism!!!

At certain points of the movie it got me really confused as I could not figure out who is from HK who is from China and I found some of the violence very very unnecessary. There was no explanation to why they are doing all this. There are also some subplots that made me wonder if they had contributed to the overall story at all (despite the very good looking singer girl).

After the first hour mark the real action begins and everything finally becomes clear. The shootouts are really fantastic with several martial arts scenes and daring stunts are all there. Any fan of Hong Kong actioner will find a lot to like during the last half an hour of the movie.

Rock n' Roll Cop is great HK actioner with a strong message at the end despite Hong Kong is way past it 1997 takeover

You can enjoy Partners if you don't expect much from it, 29 May 2012

Partners was on my to-watch list for sometime and I finally found the opportunity to watch it this weekend.

Partners star one of my favorite Hong Kong actors Simon Yam (Exiled), Erci Tsang (Infernal Affairs) and most annoying "I insist on speaking English in HK movies" Michael Wong (Beast Cops) Partners has a basic story that involves three guys forming a group to rob banks and the events that occur afterwards. The story is pretty straightforward so it is really easy to follow.

There are some good gunfights throughout the movie especially in Thailand so I believe that HK action movie fans can find something to enjoy here.

The girl lead looks quite beautiful and there is even a plot-twist which caught me off guard at the end.

If you are looking for an easy to watch HK action movie (it is only 1h 19 mins) you can give it a go

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Great action from Simon Yam & Jacky Cheung, 21 May 2012

It is always great when a movie turns out to be great when you don't expect anything from it.

Bullet for Hire is a very good Hong Kong actioner that is unfortunately very hard to find.

The story is about a mainlander that comes to Hong Kong to become an assassin (Jacky Cheung) while being assisted by super cool Simon Yam There are some funny parts thrown in as well as Jacky Cheung's character tries to learn the ropes about the life in Hong Kong.

The action in Bullet for Hire is quite good for heroic bloodshed fans and there are even some martial arts thrown in.


Hard Justice (1995) (V)
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Great film without the prison scenes, 18 May 2012

David Bradley has never been my favorite action hero but I have watched many films of him since I saw him on American Ninja 3. When I have heard that he has a John Woo copycat I jumped in.

It is really funny that two very different movies could be made from Hard Justice. One with John Woo style action and one that is a typical prison actioner like Death Warrant.

I am no fan of Prison movies except Undisputed 2 and I could have lived without the very cut and paste prison movie parts.

However John Woo style gun fights (especially the one at the beginning) is awesome. I wish they could have kept the style throughout the movie.

One thing that bothered me is that stunt people's faces were so obvious so all those "more than necessary" dangerous scenes lost its appeal quick.

If you love Hard-Boiled and The Killer you will love certain parts of this movie. The rest is so-so actioner

Bloodmoon (1997)
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Eddie Murphie wannabe karate cop!!! Wait ! What ?, 18 May 2012

I have heard many things about this movie for many many years but never had the chance to watch it. I guess I would have liked it more if I had watched in 1997 or something.

During the first part of the 1990s Gary Daniels was my favorite martial arts movie star ever since he fought Don "the Dragon" Wilson in Ring of Fire. And I have tried to watch all of his movies whenever I can find them.

This movie was produced by Seasonal Films which produced my favorite western martial arts film The King of Kickboxers so it was a winner before I began watching it.

I cannot say that it was a bad movie but it did not turn out to be as good as I expected it to be.

Story of Bloodmoon is much better than most of the martial arts movies that has oh you killed my (insert relative or master) I will get my revenge storyline only. There is certainly revenge at certain points of the story but it is always refreshing to see movies borrowing from other genres to enrich the experience.

This movie has more horror and nudity than I ever bargained for so thank God my son was not around while I was watching. It did not add or subtract much from the overall enjoyment so I did not mind.

As for actors I really disliked the guy portrayed by Chuck Jeffreys in this movie. I don't know about you but who would want to watch a karate kicking Eddie Murphy wannabe cop ? Not me that's for sure.

Gary Daniels, Darren Shahlavi and Brandie Rocci did great performances in this movie. I cannot get terrible hairdo and evil laughter of Darren Shahlavi's character while writing this review. They all acted terribly in this movie but did great fights and that's all that matters in movies like these.

As for Brandie Rocci I really liked her. I will try to find more movies of her.

The fights in the movie were great and especially the final fight of the movie was really really good. So forget about all the acting, low budget and enjoy the fights. Bloodmoon is just for that

Gunmen (1988)
So so HK film, 15 May 2012

Gunmen is one of the titles I wanted to watch for quite some time but couldn't due to the copy not having English subtitles. I was expecting a Hong Kong action movie with guns blazing (hence the name Gunmen) but I was greatly disappointed. First of all everyone might disagree with me but I cannot stand Tony Leung as the lead actor. I mean he was OK in movies like Prison on Fire and Election but he sucks in this one. The story is so-so as the tale of a man returning home after civil war and becoming a detective. As for Elvis Tsui he had a good performance but I cannot say the same for Waise Lee. The action was OK but do not expect to watch a John Woo movie that takes place in the 1920's

Score (1995)
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There are two kinds of movies in this world, 15 May 2012

I was not aware of this low budget Japanese actioner up until now but it is always better late than never.

As it was stated in many reviews about this movie it copies from films like Hard Target, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction etc shamelessly but they have been put to great use.

I must say that this movie is ridiculous in every way. The script, characters, acting, music, everything. For example who would wear a crocodile/salamander mask when you go to rob a bank ? Exactly.

Chance is the ultimate hero of this with out of this world mullet and same name from John Woo's 1993 movie Hard Target. I like Hard Target so that posed no problems for me.

As for the crazy hitchhikers I really hated them. They were so terrible I was left wondering if they were serious or not.

One other thing that bothered me is that I could not figure out where this movie was taking place. The lady on the radio was speaking in English so I assumed it was America but all the cops at the finale look like they were from Thailand or Philippines. This got me confused.

Put this all aside if you are looking for a crazy Japanese actioner with pretty good gun fights don't miss this movie. To quote Chance "There are two kinds of men. One who likes movies like this and one who should burn in hell for not liking this gem"

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Everything Exaggerated, 6 May 2012

I have added this movie to my watch list after I read about it at IMDb Hard Boiled forum and had the chance to watch it today.

I wish it would turn out to be an underrated Hong Kong heroic bloodshed gem like Just Heroes but it just wasn't.

The story had bloodshed, brotherhood, betrayal, revenge and even some plot twists but the script felt like a video game with short chapters...

The actors does not deserve any Oscars for their performance in this film and I really hated their unnecessarily exaggerated laughter in almost every scene and excessive smoking. I did not see a scene they weren't laughing or smoking.

I know that this is a CAT III movie but all those sex scenes add nothing to the story except one and the movie would be much better without them.

The version I have watched had dual mono tracks for Cantonese and Mandarin that I really hate as they sound very annoying while playing at the same time. The subtitles had many mistakes but considering the release date of this movie that is acceptable.

If you are looking for a fun past time with good gun fights you can watch it. Just make sure that your kids are not around when watching this

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