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Excellent movie, a Bulgarian equivalent to Italian neo-realism, 7 November 2002

This is an excellent movie, the Bulgarian equivalent to an Italian neo-realism masterpiece. The degree of freedom to artistic expression is extra-ordinary, especially if replaced into the context of the political environment prevailing in Bulgaria in the 70s. The practical absence of dialogue and music, (except for a very beautiful vocal), and the Black and White image emphasize the dramatic content of the movie. The direction is remarkable, and the play is first-class. Definitely, the best Bulgarian movie, and a must-see for every cinephile.

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A film about making films without money, 23 October 2002

This movie is worth only as an example of a low to zero budget attempt to make a movie. But that is about the only interesting thing here. From any other aspect, the performance is really poor -- especially, the scenario is close to nothing, and the final element of plot, related to drugs, is rather confusing for the viewer and in any case does not make any contribution to the movie itself.

It is really a pity that the main female actress ("Maria") is not used to the full extent of her capabilities, and the timid attempt to create an atmosphere of a love-story is desperately lacking strength.

In sum, the movie presents a very limited interest from every point of view, and can in no way be considered as representative of modern Greek cinema.