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It rules!, 7 October 2013

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So cool , { I was thinking' S'cool} wicked movie preview ,so looking forward in seeing it on DVD next year when she comes out 100 *stars 100 %,. Great drag movie for a long time & the actors r good!. I'm into Funny cars "Hot-wheel's" rule! { I wish I could tell ya how many Snake's & goose's "hot-wheel's" were first made & sold in 1970,71 & 72!} Maybe one day in the future They might bring out a small documentary on Mattel & the hot-wheel's brand. Anyway thumbs up for SNAKE & The MONGOOSE. The crash- scene looked really nasty, what else can I say,

, oh I hope the movie makes a better then a B movie in other words make a good profit!

? is, like to know how many drag, gassers & funny car enthusiast's will watch It!