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Worth watching for one reason..., 27 January 2007

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... and that reason would be Tobin Bell. His performance sent shivers down my spine. The character portrayed by him (Geoffrey) was creepy, spooky and... weirdly fascinating. Okay, maybe the film wasn't spectacular, but his scenes were definitely a highlight of the film. Crystal Porter as a "masseuse" (Deli) was hilarious!!! Danica McKellar...? I won't say that she's a bad actress, but in this one she simply... sucks. When she tries to be scared you just wanna slap her and scream "more emotion girl, more emotion!" If you're in a bad mood the last 10 minutes might cheer you up - I was laughing like crazy, although I probably shouldn't. In general - the whole idea wasn't bad, but the way they filmed it... it just doesn't 'do'. But if you're Tobin Bell fan, it's a must,it's definitely worth few bucks :)

Underworld (2003)
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Tolerance - we have so much to learn, 21 May 2004

Actually I would say that this is one of the best stories I've seen. Lycans vs. vampires. On the beginning we can tell who's "good" and who's "bad". But as the story develops we change our minds few times. Nothing is what it seems anymore. So, basically - two (or maybe even more in the second part of the "Underworld"?) species learning to live next to each other on the same planet. Two different "nations" I would say. Does it ring a bell? Anyway - very good story, great soundtrack (both -instrumental and regular) and just dark, Gothic atmosphere. I would recommend it, but I have to warn - it's not a typical horror/gore story. If you liked The Crow then you will certainly like this one.

The Cell (2000)
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Dark pleasure, 22 October 2002

I saw this movie about 10 times. First one was shocking. I've never seen something that intense, violent and abusive. In a positive way - if there can be one. Anyway - it's great. Colors, action, dream-like scenography - it all reminds me of David Lynch.

Now, when I watch it I see something different every time. Now I dare to say that this movie is excellent. Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn look like they are trying to wake up from the worst dream - from the beginning of the movie till the end. D'Onofrio looks like HELL. Literally. He's taken from everyone's worst nightmares. I like the scene when he's going down from the stairs with this long 'wings-like' material. Love it. Excellent. Wanna see more movies like it.