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It gets better by the minute., 21 October 2002

It's a bit awkward to watching girls pitch the benefits of tech gadgets, built for exploiting intimacy, but the sensuality displayed was rather exciting. Brandy Miller (Elizabeth) is one of a kind. She blasts off the show by bangin' a fallen angel and smoochin' with the main character while playing the role of a heartbroken and jealous lover. A Trendy Miller? Caught by the downdraft, but raging against it nevertheless, Miller proves that if there would be a competition between hellfire and herself; hellfire would only get 2nd place. The same can't be said about Holly Sampson (Emmanuelle) though I admit I prefer her performance over Miller's. Sampson is less explosive, but with substancially more character development, which makes this erotic Emmanuelle episode rather enjoyable. She spreads herself a little thin though, but it's all in the name of a noble cause: To show men how supermodels think. An idea many men, given the chance, would congratulate her for.