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Plot Summary & review, 7 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

George Crabtree writes a novel: The Curse of the Lost Pharoahs. George is now Murdoch's partner. When all seven members of the local 'Egyptology Club' are found dead by some mysterious, identical cause, Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary and his partner Detective George Crabtree are enlisted to investigate. With the help of comely heiress Dr. Julia Ogden, they learn that a rare and toxic fungus was released upon the opening of a sarcophagus recently smuggled in from Egypt. Tracking further attacks on collectors of Egyptian rarities, Murdoch and Crabtree look to find a scientific explanation for what appear to be the supernatural actions of a long-dead Mummy. But when that Mummy arrives at Station 4 intent on killing them, they realize the plot goes much deeper. They learn of threats against the Egyptologists by a person known only as 'Sekhmet' – also known as the Egyptian Goddess of Retribution.

Please note that this is a novel by Crabtree--it varies in style from the rest of the series. It is a bit corny in areas but still a good story. And naturally, Crabtree is the main character instead of Murdoch. I thought it was good.

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Complete list of episodes, 24 July 2012

I have yet to see this series, but I am looking forward to it as I am a Tawny Kitaen fan. Here is a complete list of episodes (taken from

Season 1, Episode 1: Where Are We? Season 1, Episode 2: Where Are We Going? Season 1, Episode 3: Every Move a Work of Art Season 1 Episode 4 Then Came Nessman Season 1, Episode 5: Lotto Fever Season 1, Episode 6: The Cincinnati Kids Season 1 Episode 7: Cincinnati's New Favorite Couple . Season 1, Episode 8: Here Comes Everybody: Part 1 Season 1, Episode 9: Here Comes Everybody: Part 2 Season 1 Episode 10: The Real Thing Season 1, Episode 11: Good Ole Radio Days Season 1, Episode 12: Venus, We Hardly Knew Ya Season 1 Episode 13: Hip Hop KRP Season 1 Episode 14: You are my Sunshine Season 1 Episode 15: Razor D Rules Season 1, Episode 16: Jennifer and the Prince Season 1 Episode 17: Long Live the King Season 1 Episode 18: Mama was a rolling stone Season 1 Episode 19: Number one Fan Season 1 Episode 20: Herb's got a Guy Season 1 Episode 21: Chicken a la Russe Season 1, Episode 22: Where's Jack Season 1 Episode 23: Spies Like Us

Season 2, Episode 1: Razor's Edge Season 2, Episode 2: Retreading on Thin Ice Season 2 Episode 3: Sex, Lies and Videotape Season 2 Episode 4: Can't we get along Season 2 Episode 5: Studs of the airwaves Season 2 Episode 6: Nancy in charge Season 2 Episode 7 Play Razor for Me Season 2 Episode 8: Loveland to Look At Season 2 Episode 9: Strange Bedfellows Season 2 Episode 10: Moss Dies Season 2 Episode 11: Flimm Flam Man Season 2 Episode 12: Nancy's Old Man Season 2 Episode 13: Herb's Lost Weekend Season 2 Episode 14: Murder by Les Season 2, Episode 15: Fever in the Morning Season 2 Episode 16: Fever All through the night Season 2, Episode 17: Johnny Goes Hollywood Season 2 Episode 18: Old Boyfriend Season 2 Episode 19: Treasure of Sierra Smith Season 2 Episode 20: My Fair Nun Season 2 Episode 21: Chicago Story: The Disappearance Season 2 Episode 22: Father of the Groom

Lightning Strikes (2009) (TV)
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Better than the other reviews say, 13 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked this movie. Although the plot was a bit hokey (and what sci-fi movie doesn't have a hokey plot--after all, it is science-FICTION), it was still a decent movie.

Kevin Sorbo does a good job of the sheriff putting up with a real dorky and stupid mayor. The mayor is more concerned about the annual pumpkin festival getting ruined than caring about a storm that is coming in fast and could devastate the town while the sheriff takes the threat seriously.

The evil alien that IS the storm is the hokey part, but if you get past that dumbness, the movie is just fine.

"Players" (1997)
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Episode summaries, 13 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. Confidence Man The cons check out Jeff Taylor, a self-help author/guru, for tax evasion. While investigating Taylor, they discover that he has killed three of his top investors who have left all of their estate to them.

2. Con Job The FBI director wants the cons to go up against the Cuban mob. Alphonse meets his son. They find out that Agent Cates is dirty and is responsible for the death of the former director and the cons go after him. Agent Cates tries to play the cons and the cons play him.

3. Con Law The cons meet Agent Christine Kowalski. The cons go after a lawyer who gets dirty clients acquitted and has paid informants in every police department.

4. In Concert A record company executive is book-legging his own CD's plus extorting his own clients. And he is not above murder. But not every one who is believed dead is actually dead.

5. Con Artist An art dealer hires Ice to steal masterpieces for him—his predecessor was also working undercover for the FBI and ended up dead. Things don't go as planned and the dealer gets the real Van Gogh instead of the fake.

6. Con-spiracy Supposedly the Mendoza syndicate is involved in bootleg gasoline and tax evasion. But the team cannot pin them because they have a mole in the FBI and are tipped off every time the FBI plans a raid.

7. Con-tamination The cons catch Hugh Stern who has possession of Rican powder. Then a call comes into the FBI from "Jericho" who also has Rican powder and attempts to extort the FBI. Jericho told Stern to contact with Charlie, but Charlie doesn't know any Jericho.

8. Con-undrum College student Barry Decker is killed for his computer program to help a company that is behind schedule. Charlie plays Barry's unknown partner. Alphonse plays a computer programmer/ hacker and "joins" the company.

9. Con-Vivants The cons are cut loose by the FBI to normal parole, but life on the outside isn't as easy as they think.

10. Con-tinental Ice helps a model and ex-junkie go after her clothing designer bosses who supply their models with drugs. Alphonse and Charlie chase after designer clothing counterfeiters. What they discover is that the clothes are not counterfeit, but they are made in sweatshops with cheap Asian labor.

11. Con-traband The cons go after gun runners but the bust doesn't go well. Chris is kidnapped by the runners.

12. Wrath of Con A convicted killer escapes a prison bus after killing two correctional officers and goes after the witness who put him in prison.

13. Con-strained A kid with a mobster grandfather is kidnapped from school. Although the father refuses help, the grandfather interferes with the investigation. One of the grandfather's men recognizes Alphonse and kidnaps Ice because he thinks the cons are in on the kidnapping.

14. Contact Sport The cons go after a counterfeiter. Ice's nephew is shaving points in his college basketball games. Alphonse is looking for a blonde who steals cars.

15. Con Amore While trying to buy missile cruisers, Ice runs into an old acquaintance that screwed him over years ago during a con. Ice busts her and she tries to con the FBI.

16. Rashocon The cons try to catch a mobster who uses the race track for laundering money and catch a crook named Axel Ducheck—who happens to be dead.

17. Three of a Con Quentin Belkey has been to prison, but now he is out and bilking people out of their life savings. The cons set up a poker game in order get him to tell them where his hid his cache. Chris tries to cover for the cons because they shouldn't be working this case.

18. Mint Condition Dudevitch loses a lot of money at craps and kills the patron who threw the dice. The Feds want him and his boss,Pappas. Pappas hides his assets in very clever ways (such as Charlie Chaplin's cane which is worth $100,000 but looks like an ordinary cane). He is now in the market for a very rare baseball card.

Portal (2009) (V)
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Story Line, 7 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Talk about a bizarre movie! Two friends (played by Chris Conrad and Alexander Martin) are stuck in the fog and get run off to the side of the road by a passing vehicle. Since their car is stuck, they get out and wander around the fog until they find themselves in the town of Mercy. They plan to spend the night and then go on their way. After they wake up, they find out that it is 6 p.m. (not a.m.) and they are sitting down to dinner not breakfast. Dinner consists of rare meat, Brussel sprouts, and wine.

As we progress in the movie, we find out that the people have been there longer than they thought--months in fact--and the food is tainted with "ashes" which makes them forget everything except for "now" and their hosts (Benedict, Elizabeth, and Armand) are really witches. Everyone is stuck in Mercy (including the witches). The only way for the witches to get out is to produce the perfect baby (although we are never told exactly what the baby will be used for--only that our three witches are competing with other covens to be the first to have the perfect baby). In a bizarre satanic ritual, women are raped in order to get them pregnant.

Slowly, John Hooke (Chris Conrad) starts remembering his life over the last several months and the truth about what is going on. Eventually he discovers the way to leave Mercy is through a portal and that his girlfriend is one of the pregnant women. After rescuing his girlfriend and getting her out of Mercy, he goes back to settle things once and for all.

I got the movie because I am a Chris Conrad fan, and although I do not like movies about witches and Satan, the acting was good and the storyline keeps your interest. I hope in the future, Chris stars in "nicer" movies.

Nobody (2007)
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Plot Synopsis, 3 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(From the back of the video box.) Who's there? Nobody.

On a cold and endless winter night a ruthless assassin (Mandylor) commits a murder and ignites a sequence of mysterious events that spiral beyond his control.

Narrowly escaping a savage attack by a shadowy assailant who seems to anticipate his every move, time begins to fold in on itself. People he meets don't remember him. Wounds he sustains vanish from his skin. He becomes caught up in an inexplicable loop where events eerily repeat themselves, until an ominous phone call confirms the impossible: his mysterious would-be victim is still alive.

Forced to relive his actions over and over, the circle closes in—ending in a fateful confrontation with…himself.

My opinion--save yourself the time of watching this movie. It is so convoluted that even at the end, you still have no clue about what you just saw. This movie is a down-ward spiral.

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Movie summary, 27 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Cold War is over and Defense Spending is down. In order to increase military spending, the Agency (a team of high-level intelligence officers) headed by General Willard (Paul Mantee) creates a fake terrorist group: Red Five that is using a top secret satellite laser (codename Eagle) to create havoc and terrorize the people.

Seven years ago, USMC Captain Edward Downey (Jeff Speakman) and former Agency employee told reporter Robin Connors (Stephanie Niznik) about the Eagle not working properly. The Agency discredited him by having him declared insane and committed to a mental hospital. The Eagle is now fixed and operational. Downey is re-programmed and released to do the Agency's evil deeds, Downey starts remembering the past and does not go through with an assignation of Senator Jerald Lancaster (Frederick Coffin) who is a presidential candidate and an unknowing pawn of the Agency's. Now Downey and Robin are on the run for their lives. Downey calls his old Agency contact, Jules (Bruce Weitz), for help. However, Jules (aka #1) is part of the conspiracy and kidnaps Robin because she knows too much.

Downey finally convinces Lancaster about the plot against his life and to help him. In a race against time, Downey has to stop the Agency from making Lancaster and Robin martyrs and killing even more innocent people.

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Movie Summary, 18 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Private detective Mike Hammer takes on a case looking for Trinity Sinclair's father (Felix Sinclair aka Donald Acuff) who has been missing for 15 years. Hammer predictably gets romantically involved with her, but Velda doesn't think Trinity is as innocent as she portrays. But when Trinity's "father" ends up dead, the FBI shows up and Hammer is accused of the murder. Apparently Acuff was in the witness protection program for ratting out the Trinity Brothers 15 years ago. Mike and Velda think Trinity (obviously not her real name) is connected to the Daytona mob so Mike follows her to Daytona. Trinity (who is really a Daytona cop) and her partner, Vince, are the ones who killed Acuff and framed Hammer. They killed Acuff for Father Teddy Trinity, the youngest and only surviving Trinity brother--who because he is a priest, could not carry out the revenge killing himself.

The movie is a bit slow in places but is mostly non-stop action and a twisted plot that keeps you guessing. Hammer gets himself in many jams but somehow always manages to get himself out of them. I have not seen Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer, so I cannot compare the two; but I do like Rob Estes for this role.

Knights (1993)
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Plot Synopsis, 12 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In the ravaged wasteland of the future, mankind is terrorized by Cyborgs—robots with human features—that have discovered a new source of fuel: human blood. Commanded by their vicious leader Jōb (Lance Henriksen), the Cyborgs prepare to overtake Taos, a densely populated human outpost.

Only one force can stop Jōb's death march—the Cyborg Gabriel (Kris Kristofferson), who is programmed to destroy Jōb and his army.

In the ruins of a ransacked village, Gabriel finds Nea (Kathy Long), a beautiful young woman whose parents were killed by Cyborgs ten years earlier. Now she wants revenge. They strike a pact: Gabriel will train Nea how to fight the Cyborgs and Nea will lead Gabriel to Taos.

Five-time kick-boxing champion Kathy Long has all the right moves in this high-speed adventure that delivers plenty of action. Also stars Gary Daniels (as David) and Scott Paulin (as Simon).

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Episode Plots, 15 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Episode 1: Fire and Ice Lt. Stan Krieger takes over Lt. Farlow's position. Cruz puts his cover on the line in order to catch another Columbian who exhibits multiple personalities. Poptop: Cuba Gooding Jr., Careo—Ramy Zada

Episode 2: End Game Cruz becomes a player in a deadly poker game run by a maniacal drug lord, leaving Lt. Krieger to watch over Serena (Nia Peeples) when she goes into labor. Eddie Marco: Patrick Massett. Phillip Marco: Richard Marcus. Boris Diamond: Terry Kiser. Lt. Krieger: Dennis Franz. Midwife: Pamela Dunlap, Thug: Sly Smith

Episode 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Nasty Reports of copy-cat killings at crack houses jeopardize the Nasty Boys' undercover operations when Internal Affairs gets involved. Morrissey gets cozy with the reporter covering the story. Danny befriends a kid who witnessed a mass killing by the fake Nasties. Payday: Tommy Ford. Lynn Ulrich: Finn Carter. Gardner (false witness): Richard Riehle. Judson (kid): Thomas T.J. Evans.

Episode 4: Last Tango in Vegas The Nasties infiltrate a casino gunrunning operation to learn who's supplying Los Angeles gang members with automatic weapons. Alex gets involved with a singer who threatens his cover. Nicole Stanhope: Victoria Dillard. Russ Stanhope: Glenn Plummer. Major Clemens: Marc Alaimo. Wheeler: Don Franklin. Susan Rosencrans: Michelle Forbes, Max: Cary-Hiryuki Tagawa

Episode 5: Flesh and Blood Cruz's daughter is kidnapped by drug-cartel leaders (the Lofton brothers) who demand the release of their key associate, recently captured by the Nasties. Patrick Lofton: Stewart Finlay-McLennan. Dale Lofton: David Hunt. Batiste: Will Patton. Hernandez Vasquez: Julio Oscar Meshoso, Cruz: Benjamin Bratt. Serena: Nia Peeples.

Episode 6: The Candidate A gubernatorial candidate is a media manipulator who plans to use the Nasties to publicize his tough-on-crime campaign. Chuck Bradshaw: Charles Frank. Jimmy Murphy: John Shepard. Mr. Larsen (Danny's father): Richard Kuss. Larsen: Craig Hurley. Krieger: Dennis Franz.

Episode 7: The Line Wheeler goes undercover to smoke out dirty cops who've been stealing money and narcotics from drug busts. Capt. Ed March: Richard Venture. Jan Palmer: Cheryl Paris. Daniel Gilliam: SaMi Chester. Finley: Tobin Bell. Kaufman: Steve Rankin.

Episode 8: Home Again The Nasties follow Kee to Los Angeles when he's beset by family troubles after an uncle mixed up in the laundering of drug money dies. Uncle Oscar Kee: James Hong. Ruth Kee (Jimmy's mother): France Nguyen. Johnny Chung: Ping Wu. Willy Leong: Lloyd Kino. Kee: James Pax. Sammy (hot shot karate kid): Steven Ho.

Episode 9: Crossover While the Nasties try to catch Wayne Trilling (Pat Corley) for laundering money, Wheeler's cousin (Calvin Emory: Stan Foster), a college basketball player, dies from an apparent drug overdose. The Nasties discover a blackmailing scheme and more college kids are dying from drug overdoses. The Nasties babysit Cruz's son for a couple of days Kathy Heckland: Sarah Trigger, Mr. Aaron (recruitment agent): Steve Vinovich, Security Guard: Anthony DiMaria, Trip Harding: Vince Vaughn

Desert Run The Nasties go after Wetstone, a drug dealer, and are left stranded in the desert with an injured Kee. Wetstone: Jim Beaver, Slo Mo (pilot): Michael J. Pollard, Mr. Neff: Billy Barty, Ginger: Ginger Baker, Mr. Crilley: Tracey Walter, Mr. Krebs: Thomas F. Duffy

Episode 11: Kill or Be Killed: Part 1 (aka Blaze of Glory??) The "Vegas Vigilante" (Clarence Williams III) is a sniper who targets the Nasty Boys and dope peddlers in his one-man campaign to rid the streets of crime. Krush: Bruce Beatty. Joshua Dumars: Vincent Guastaferro. Dr. Chanel Cory: Lorraine Toussaint. Poptop: Cuba Gooding Jr.

Episode 12: Kill or Be Killed: Part 2 (Twelve and a Half) Conclusion. Cruz is held hostage in a warehouse filled with plastic explosives set to go off by the "Vegas Vigilante" (Clarence Williams III). Cruz: Benjamin Bratt. Joshua Dumars: Vincent Guastaferro. Milt Jackson: William Shockley. Poptop: Cuba Gooding Jr.

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